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Pokemon Go Routes Not Working: How to Create a Route Pokemon Go? Grab More Details On Pokemon Go Routes Reddit

We will discuss the possible reasons why Pokemon Go Routes are Not Working, explain the Routes, and how to create one for you.

Are you aware of the new routes in Pokemon Go? Do you know why its Route is not working? Looking for an answer, when will it be available? Pokemon Go players across Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States were thrilled after the announcement of the new Routes feature. However, the routes not working disappoint many. No worries, you are not alone in searching for Pokemon Go Routes Not Working. Hold tight and explore with us to learn more here!


Why are Routes not working for Pokemon Go?

On July 20, Niantic announced a new routes feature where players can explore other players’ trails and receive rewards. What after that? There was a rush among Pokemon Go players to use this feature. Unfortunately, many found that their Route needs to be fixed.

According to the Niantic announcement, everyone should be able to follow routes. But some routes are still under process and will soon be available for players. It means not all trainers may currently be able to establish routes. We suggest you keep checking your mail when it is available for you.

Pokemon Go Routes Reddit– What is it?

With the release of Pokémon GO Routes, players want to know what it is. Routes in Pokemon Go are a brand-new gaming feature that lets Trainers design user-generated routes that other players can use. If players use these routes, they will receive rewards. These Routes aim at rural players, who frequently struggle with a lack of landmarks and PokéStops.

It is also helpful for users touring new cities because they may share their knowledge of fascinating locations or build a story around memorable catches by constructing Routes.

How to Create a Route Pokemon Go?

Though we know Routes are unavailable for many, knowing how to create will help in the future when it will be available for you. Here is a guide on how to create:

  • Visit a gym or PokeStop.
  • From the “Route” tab, choose your Route’s beginning point.
  • After that, choose your Route endpoint.
  • Press ‘Record’ at the PokéStop to start outlining your Route.
  • To complete the recording, proceed to your Route endpoint.
  • Give your Route some details, then submit it for review.
  • Once accepted, Trainers can follow your Route.

Please note that you can only make a maximum of four weekly Routes. 


Pokemon Go Routes Not Working is the most frequently asked question among players. We advise you to update the app and wait until the issue is resolved. To stay updated on the news from the Niantic support team, check here.

Are the Routes working for you? Do comment if the post was helpful to you.

Pokemon Go Routes Not Working- FAQs

Q1. What are Pokemon Go Routes?

It is a new feature added to the game.

Q2. How are the Routes helpful?

Trainers can design user-generated routes that other players can follow.

Q3. Is the Route working?

For some players, it is working, while for others, it is not.

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