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Pokemon Go Download All Assets: Latest Update In Game Require Full Assets Re-download to Reduce Loading Time and Save Data Usage!

Through the Pokemon Go Download All Assets post, we have discussed all the assets in the game and how to enable them and take advantage of them.

Do you still play Pokemon Go? Are you facing any issues while playing Pokemon Go game?

Have you heard the recent update in the game? What are all the assets in Pokemon Go? Do you know how to download them? 

People across the United States and worldwide are aware of the Pokemon game and like to play the game. Let us discuss everything through our post, Pokemon Go Download All Assets.


What is the latest update in the Pokemon Go game?

If you play the Pokemon Go game or follow their regular update, you must be aware of their latest tweet. According to the latest tweet

from the Niantic, the Pokemon Go game would require downloading all assets again. For this, they also recommended trying downloading using WIFI over mobile data. 

This tweet 

by them suggests that the asset that needs to download has a high size and using mobile data may take a longer time. 

What is Pokemon Go Download All Assets of the game?

Downloading all assets in the Pokemon Go game means downloading all the game’s assets on your playable device at once rather than downloading them one by one over time.

This feature will definitely be helpful to one who does not have sufficient data to connect. Moreover, it will not automatically download because it is disabled by default.

Therefore, you will need to enable it.

How to enable Download All Assets in Pokemon Go?


How to enable Download All Assets in Pokemon Go

If you are unaware of how to take advantage of this feature, then let’s see how you can proceed for Pokemon Go Download All Assets:

  • First, go to the main menu of Pokemon Go game.
  • Select the settings from that.
  • In the settings, look for “Advanced Settings.”
  • In this, you will get the option to “Download all Content.”
  • You can choose this option to start downloading the assets on the device.

Remember to start downloading when you have Wifi. Also, to re-download the assets when a new update comes, follow the same process.

Make a note that these assets changes as in-game content change. Therefore, do not forget to revisit this on a regular basis.

What are some of the assets in the game?

Here we mention some of the assets in Pokemon Go Download All Assets:

  • Avatar assets
  • Buddy adventure assets
  • Candy assets
  • Charge bar assets
  • Confetti Sprites
  • Go Battle League assets
  • Item assets
  • Medal assets
  • Mega Energy assets
  • Pokedex assets
  • Research Tasks assets
  • Shop assets
  • Sticker assets


We all love to play Pokemon Go games, but if we have the Download All Assets option, then we are sure it will save time and effort. We should praise them that they bring this update to the game. You can check to visit the Pokémon Go help center to see the latest update that is available.

What is your level in the Pokemon-Go game? Do comment on how often you play this game.

Pokemon Go Download All Assets-FAQs!

Q1. What is Download All Assets in Pokemon go?

Rather than downloading one asset at a time, Download All Assets in the game allows you to download all assets together by enabling it.

Q2. From where can you Download All Assets?

You can Download All Assets by vising the main menu of the game.

Q3. How can you enable it?

To enable Download All Assets, you need to go to settings and then search for advanced settings; there, you will get an option to “Download All Assets.” On taping, it will download.

Q4. What are all the things you should keep in mind?

You should keep revisiting Pokemon Go Download All Assets to check for new updates.

Also, before downloading, you should use your WIFI connection over mobile data. Also, do not forget to check available space.

Q5. What is the advantage of downloading all assets together?

The player may witness reduced data load on the device, improved in-game performance, reduced time and effort, and, yes, save money on data.

Q6. Can you skip Downloading all assets option?

Yes, it is optional as, by default, it is disabled. However, we suggest enabling it and downloading it if they want to save mobile data.

Q7. Can you name some of the assets?

Yes, here are some of the assets: Candy assets, Charge bar assets, Pokedex assets, Research Tasks assets, Item assets, Medal assets, etc.

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