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Pocoland Token (Sep 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares details about the new Pocoland Token that lets players do many things in the gaming world.

Play-2-Earn on Blockchain is not a new concept as many games are launched on the platform, allowing players to earn NFTs and Crypto tokens for tangible gains. Pocoland is the newly launched P2E game on the Blockchain platform, and it lets players earn the native token called POCO.

The game has excellent in-game assets encryption, allowing players to collect rewards as NFTs. Players have to create a team of five POCO warriors and win battles to collect rewards as Pocoland Token. Players in Venezuelathe Philippines, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil are not attracted to the game. 

What is Poco Token?

Poco Token is the in-game native currency of the famous Blockchain-based game, Pocoland. Pocoland is the new game on Blockchain that lets the players immerse into the new gaming world and create a team of five Poco Warriors.

Players need to take their warriors for battle and defeat enemies to win rewards as NFTs called Poco Token on Binance Smart Chain. It can be cross-chained on the exchange like Polygon. So, create unique POCO warriors and train them to combat battlefields and win the battles to earn Pocoland Token.

The tokens can be used to upgrade the warriors, buy items and materials or take them to the NFT marketplace for more profits. 

Who Founded Pocoland?

According to the official website, the founder and CEO of Pocoland is Quan Dang. Charlotte Nguyen is the CMO and co-founder. The other team members include Huy AN co-founder and COO, Paul Nguyen, CTO, and co-founder.

You may refer to the game’s official website to learn about other team members and their designation. The token has more than 10K holders worldwide, and it has registered a total of 55 723 transfers to date.     

The Pocoland Token Market Analysis and Statistics 

After evaluating the token, we have found that the live price of the token is $1.13. No change has been noticed in the price trend in the last 24 hours. The trading volume of the token in the last 24 hours is $16 657 263.

The market ranking of the token is #2689, and it is decided based on the live market capitalization. Unfortunately, the live market cap of the token is not revealed, but a fully diluted market cap of Pocoland Token is $204 264 398.68.

The token has the maximum circulating supply of 180 000 000 POCO tokens, and there is no data available for the total circulating supply. 

How to Buy Poco Token?

  • You have to sign-up with a digital wallet and link it to BSC
  • Transfer a sufficient amount of BSC to buy the token
  • Search for the token on the exchange using contract address 0x394bBA8F309f3462b31238B3fd04b83F71A98848
  • Check the live market price and value of the token
  • Enter the number of Pocoland Token you want to swap for BSC
  • Click on the swap button and set a slippage, and you are done   


Q1. Which is the Official URL of Poco Token?

A1. Investors may find details on https://pocoland.com/

Q2. Which Contract Address Investors Must Use?

A2. Investors must use 0x394bBA8F309f3462b31238B3fd04b83F71A98848 as the contract address to buy the POCO token.

Q3. What is the Market Ranking of POCO Token?

A3. The market ranking of the token is #2689, and it is based on live market capitalization.

Wrapping It All 

Pocoland takes you to the whole new world of gaming, where you can play and earn a token that lets you buy and upgrade warriors, or you may take them to the NFT marketplace for more gains and profits. So, if you want to play the game to the fullest, create your team of warriors and start earning Pocoland Token. But don’t forget to check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing in the token.    

Are you playing the game and earning POCO Token? Then, please share your experiences in the comment box. 

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