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Plant2earn IO {Aug 2021} Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Plant2earn IO {Aug 2021} Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> Do you want to know the details of a coin that offers a fantastic game to play and upgrade your levels with ease? Read the content here.

Are you obsessed with Play to earn games? Do you want to capture the details of an NFT game that is far away from battles and wars? Then you are at the right platform, as today’s article will make you aware of the game and its currency.

People of the Philippines and their craze of playing NFT games have boosted the crypto world. Whether it is a game of spaceship or defeating the opponent to earn crypto, they are always ready to accept the challenges.

So, let’s introduce you to Plant2earn IO and open the new game’s doorways for you.

What is the Plant2Earn?

It is an NFT game introduced in the crypto markets where gamers have to plant warriors and fight till the end to gain $P2E. You might wonder how this can be possible? Well, let’s know the brief details of the game.

You have to invade Youkai, plant seeds and collect solar energy. These three tasks combine to form the base of the game. The rank and level of defending will decide the Plant2earn IO token and rewards you deserve.

Are you excited to get this experience? Then, stay tuned and keep reading to capture more details.

Founders of Plant2Earn

The official website of P2E does not share the details of the team members and the CEO of the token. Thus, we recommend investors wait for a while to know the founder’s name and other details. 

However, the token is active on social platforms like Reddit, Telegram, GitHub, and Twitter so that you can check the profiles.

Price Chart of Plant2earn IO token

  • Price – $17.97
  • Market cap – unavailable
  • Market cap dominance – 0.00%
  • Trading volume – $3432558
  • 24h low / 24h high – $17.37 / $22.79
  • 7d low / 7d high – $17.37 / $ 21.59
  • Market cap rank – no data is available
  • All time high – $22.79
  • All time low – $17.37

Live Price of the coin

The current Price of P2E is $17.50, with a 24 hours trading volume of $3458747. Moreover, it has been observed that the token is down to -21.4% in the last 24 hours. Out of the total supply of 1 million Plant2earn IO, the circulating supply is zero.

How to buy P2E?

Before accessing the game and adding the coin to your wallets, you must be fully aware of the process to be followed. Here are the few easy steps to purchase a P2E token. As the coin is available on Binance Smart Chain, it will be more comfortable to buy.

  • Create your account on Trustwallet and get your wallet to do transactions.
  • Now put some Bitcoins into it, which will help in doing exchanges.
  • Go to DApps and search for Pancakeswap.
  • Once the platform is opened, you must check Plant2earn IO live Price and collect its contract address.
  • By capturing this information, your next step will be searching for P2E by using the address
  • Fill in the amount of currency and set the slippage.
  • At last, swap and your token will be added to the wallet.

 But we want investors to look at the Profile Summary of the coin before investing their money in it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of the token?


  • What is the official website of Plant2earn?

Official website is https://plant2earn.io/.


Winding up the article, we flashed light on all the details of Plant2earn IO that can help you at the time of your investment. However, it will be good enough if you do the research and explore the details on your own.

Are you interested in playing this NFT game? Comment and share your views.

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