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Plant vs Undead Token to PHP {Aug} Address, How To Buy?

Please get your facts clear about Plant vs Undead Token to PHP in-game crypto currency before investing your hard-earned money into it.

It is always better to get all your facts cleared about any crypto currency before investing in it, as it is ever-changing and dynamic. This in-game crypto currency is no different and can be bought and exchanged in terms of NFT assets. The official website for such a currency is https://plantvsundead.com/. PVU token is used for purchasing seeds and plants worldwide and has been in great demand, especially in the Philippines.

Let us now dive into the concept of Plant vs Undead Token to PHP in-depth and establish its legitimacy.

What is Plant vs. Undead Token?

Plant vs. Undead Token is an in-game crypto currency used in the marketplace for purchasing seeds and plants. These tokens can be used as NFT assets and be incurred real value. Interest is also gained while holding the PVU tokens.

Plant vs. Undead Token founder–

The founder of this project is Dinh Quy Tran, who brought the love for Plants vs. Zombies to kick-start this NFT game- Plants vs. Undead. However, before getting to the topic of Plant vs Undead Token to PHP, let us also know about the other core members, which include Toss Vu (Art Director), Pham Van Duy (SMC Developer), Cao Tuong (Unity Developer), Nguyen Thai Duong (Backend Developer), Vinh Pham (Web Developer), Pham Duy (QC), Tuan Bean (Animator), Ho Anh Vu (FX), Bich Bich (Artist), Drawnbyuynn (UI/UX Artist) and Ngo Nhat Anh (Marketing Manager).

The Price of the PVU Token–

The price of any crypto currency is definitely of primary concern before investing in it. Hence after thorough research, the price of Plant vs. Undead in-game crypto currency is 1185.88 Philippines Peso or 1762.41 INR or 23.73 USD.

Continue reading Plant vs Undead Token to PHP to find out the legitimacy of the coin.

The market value and prediction of the PHP Token–

  • Its market cap value for the last 24-hour market is ₱4,404,290,271. 
  • In the previous 24 hours, the cost of PVU tokens has increased by 2.4 percent.
  • The circulating supply of 3.68 Million coins at the moment.
  • The total volume swapped in the last 24 hours is ₱1,106,207,903. 
  • Fully diluted valuation is ₱359,903,927,206.
  • The total and maximum supply is 300,000,000.
  • The market rank of PVU token by coinmarketcap.com is #2633.

Plant vs Undead Token to PHP Chart–

The value of 1 PVU token is ₱1,198.48currently.

The other rates are as follows: 

  • 2 PVU = 2399.36PHP.
  • 3 PVU =3599.04PHP.
  • 4 PVU = 4798.72PHP.
  • 5 PVU =5998.40PHP.
  • 10 PVU =11996.80PHP.

Steps to buy the token–

  1. Install MetaMask Wallet and connect to the BSC Network.
  2. Finance your BSC wallet with the BNB tokens.
  3. Exchange your BNB tokens for PVU Tokens.
  4. Add the PVU tokens to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)–

  1. What is the value of Plant vs Undead Token to PHP?
  • 1 PVU = ₱1,198.48 
  1. What is the contact address of the PVU token?
  • 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794
  1. What was the highest and lowest value for the PVU token? 

Final Verdict–

As a final verdict about Plant vs. Undead Token, it can be concluded that the PVU token is safe to be invested. Its liquidity rate is 0.0%, and its price has only increased with days. PVU token is currently trading on 1one exchange, with Plant vs Undead Token to PHP price of ₱1,198.48.

However, do keep in mind the bit coin scams before investing in any. To learn about Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them, visit.

Also, let us know your opinions on the PVU token in the comments below.

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