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Pkn Crypto {Sep} Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

Is Pkn Crypto available for trading? Is it listed on any exchange platform? Read this to know in detail.

At present, a lot of digital currency is developing to work on blockchain platforms, and investors are now a little confused and are not aware of the information of new crypto coins. But we think that being professional Crypto investors, one must have a little clear concept about each coin that works on the blockchain.

This blog is made for you all, giving authentic knowledge of the currency, which seems known chiefly to France, Germany and Switzerland investors. The Coin is named Pkn Crypto in short. So try to get through each heading cited down and get a clearer understanding of this particular currency.

About Poken Crypto Token

It’s a new and unique collection of series of the most popular redesigned and tinkled Coins discovered by an Italian artist. It’s a handmade coin made one by one without any algorithm. There is no automation made. So it’s asked by users to be patient and show more love to this project.

You can catch all of them as each Pkn Crypto is unique. This token is the iconization and restyling of popular Pokémon.

This project is going to be completed soon with the introduction of its Crypto Coin named Poken token. The currency is based on a network or polygon where the little part of the Coin gets donated to each NFT. Through the trading of this coin, one can ensure the protection of flora and fauna.

This project will help associations that are working hard to safeguard and protect animals and forests all across.

Who Is The Founder Of Pkn Crypto?

Well, the CEO and Founders name of poken Crypto is not uncovered anywhere. It seems that owners don’t want their names to be revealed at this moment. As the project is still in progress, let’s see after the completion of this project whether we get to know about the Founders or not.

General Information

  •  Symbol: Pkn
  •  Category: NFT platform
  •  Start date pre-ICO: 2nd July 2021
  •  End date pre-ICO: 8th July 2021
  •  Start date: 8th July 2021
  •  End date of Pkn Crypto: 30th July 2021
  •  Bonus: Available
  •  Bounty: not available
  •  Platform: Ethereum, Binance
  •  Accepting: BNB, ETH

Investment Information Of This Coin

  • ICO Price: 1PKN= 0.01 USD
  • Private Presale: sixty-five per cent
  • Presale: twenty-five per cent
  • Tokens available for sale: 2000000000
  • Soft Cap: 5000000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 17000000 USD

Poken Coin Overview

  • Price: $0.00
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000 PKN
  • Holders: 6939 addresses
  • Transfers: 31,799
  • Fully diluted market cap: $0.00
  • Contract Address: 0x4b5decb9327b4d511a58137a1ade61434aacdd43

How To Buy a Poken Crypt Token?

Currently, Pkn Crypto is not on any Crypto trading exchange platform, so you cannot get this coin for now. However, you may visit the poken Crypto official page for further knowledge about its trading. 

But once this currency is available for sale and purchase, buyers can follow steps similar to buying any other Crypto Coins to get this currency.

Do note down the contract address of the token 0x4b5decb9327b4d511a58137a1ade61434aacdd43 for buying this coin once available for trading in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the Pkn coin full name?

Ans. The full name of the Pkn coin is Poken Crypto.

  1. Who is the CEO and Founder of this currency?

Ans. The founder and CEO of this coin is yet to be revealed


The Pkn Crypto, as of now, is not listed in any of the exchange platforms. So we cannot purchase or sell this coin at this moment. However, if the currency is available for purchase in the future, you may check How To Buy Cryptocurrency (2021), A Perfect Guide for availing of the best and easy buying steps.

Will you invest in this token if the Coin gets listed on the exchange platform in the future? Please comment below.

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