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Pkmon Token (Aug 2021) Coin Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Pkmon Token (Aug 2021) Coin Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> Please read this write-up to know the details of an NFT game where you can earn money through investing.

We all love earning money by playing games; there are quite a few games available where you can earn money by playing. However, inspired by the famous Pokemon Go back in 2016, a more improved and intense fighting game was created to resonate with blockchain technology. In this article, we have discussed the Pkmon Token, which people from all over the world, including Vietnam, are keen to know.

About Pkmon

Pkmon, also known as Polka Monster, is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game from the Binance Smart Chain network. This permits clients to have some good times and benefit all the while. Polka Monster additionally has a solid local area that assists players with putting resources into exercises to bring in cash from the game. It is the monetary badge of the Defigame Polka Monster stage.

Founder of the Pkmon Crypto

We could not find any information about the owner of this crypto coin. The game was inspired by the famous Pokemon go from 2016.

Pkmon Token Price Today

The latest price of the Polka Monster token is $0.02168292, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 PKMON.

Polka Monster Token Supply/ Market Supply

Please find below the statistical data of this token, including real-time information. 

  • Market Cap Rank – Not Available
  • Market Cap – Not Available
  • All-Time High – $0.01985766
  • All Time Low – $0.01385475
  • 24-Hour Trading Volume – $17,727,504
  • 24-Hour Low/ 24-Hour High – $0.01385475 / $0.01922735
  • 7d Low / 7d High – $0.01492546 / $0.01922735
  • Total Supply – 588,095,115 PKMON (this is a vital detail concerning the Pkmon Token)
  • Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000 PKMON

How To Purchase The Pkmon Crypto?

Kindly find beneath the technique to buy this token through Pancakeswap.

  • The first step to purchase Polka Monster token users will require BNB, which is the money of Binance since this symbolic works through its organization. 
  • Next, users need to go purchase crypto and choose BNB to get it. For this situation, the users have to do it with Euros and with a charge or Mastercard.
  • Then go to the Pancakeswap portal and add the subject token after studying the statistics of the Pkmon Token.
  • When the token is added, just put the measure of BNB that is for trade for Polka Monster Game Token, and it would be purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. Can I play the Polka Monster game and earn money at the same time?

A1. Yes, you can, but to earn money from the game, you have to invest first.

Q2. What is the e-mail address for contacting the support service of Pkmon crypto?

A2. The mail address is contact@polkamonster.game.

Q3. What is the official website address of PolkaMonster?

A3. The official website is https://polkamonster.game/.

Q4. What is the current price of the Pkmon Token?

A4. The current price of this crypto token is $0.02168292.

Q5. What kind of platform is the Polka Monster NFTs marketplace?

A5. Polka Monster NFTs marketplace is a cross-chained platform.

Q6. What kind of mechanism they use in Polka Monster?

A6. This game uses the farming mechanism. This helps users earn money even when they are offline.

Q7. Is the game community available on social media platforms?

A7. Yes, it is available on major social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

Q8. What is the smart contact address of this token?

A8. 0x609d183fb91a0fce59550b62ab7d2c931b0bb1be


Pkmon Token is a sophisticated and computerized assortment made by utilizing the blockchain innovation. For more information, you can visit the Twitter handle of Polka Monster to view their latest updates. You should also read How to buy Cryptocurrency(2021) A perfect Guide in this regard.

Have you played the Polka Monster game? Please let us know in the section below. 

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