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Pinkydoll Real LinkedIn: Where Is She From? Why is The Video Trending? How She Video Link It with Tiktok? Check Net Worth Now!

Check out the Pinkydoll Real LinkedIn profile status and why people are creating chaos after the controversial videos of Pinkydoll play.

Have you seen the fall videos of Pinkydoll on social media? The trending social media personality Pinkydoll performs the NPC role, attracting many viewers and setting up a new trend. 

People in the United States and Canada are impressed by the performance of Pinky Doll and following her trend. Moreover, people are showing interest in the Pinkydoll Real LinkedIn profile.

Recent Controversy 

Pinkydoll’s content on social media segregates her from other content creators, and her massive claims in the video attract viewers’ thoughts. There are multiple controversies and claims she made in the video where she talks about her latest album and Collab with celebrities. 

Looking at which people were surprised and started searching for her LinkedIn profile. However, after so much pep talk, people believe that Pinkydoll Exposed her fakeness to the public. Now people understand what kind of content she is making, and they are not taking the claims of Pinkydoll seriously.

However, there is no doubt about the unique content secret on TikTok. Multiple people and top celebrities are trying to copy her style.

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Where Is Pinkydoll From? 

Pinkydoll is from Quebec, Canada. There is no information about her childhood and birth. However, when people discovered Pinkydoll, she was a popular Canadiens live streamer who performed NPC live streams. She plays a unique role which is Non-Player Character. 

If you see the Pinkydoll Tiktok videos, you will find out. She is continuously repeating her words like a non-player character in games. NPC are those characters who are automated in the system and do not have any control over the user. 

In her struggling time, she was not a professional content creator. As per sources, Pinkydoll was a bar dancer and made inappropriate videos on the webcam. 

Later she started creating content on live streams and TikTok named Pinkydoll. Now she has a Net Worth of approximately $500 Thousand. She makes approximately $2 – 7K per live stream.

Public Reaction 

People found some unique content in the live stream of Pinkydoll and appreciated her for her efforts. However, lots of content contains 18+ scenes. Pinkydoll blabbers false rumours on social media and ends fake Link It profiles. As an outcome, she has both positive and negative sides, constantly growing her fan base with controversies.

Social Media Link



The pinkydoll npc stream on tiktok is honestly such a genius bit
by u/do-not-look-up in redscarepod

Final Verdict 

Pinkydoll always wants to see herself in the limelight through her unique NPC livestream or making claims of collaboration with celebrities. She undoubtedly wants a massive audience attraction and somehow manages to do that as well. 

But after so many blunders, people got confused and started searching for a LinkedIn profile to know the reality. What are your thoughts regarding the Pinkydoll content? Comment below. 

Pinkydoll Real LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1 What is the real name of Pinkydoll?

Her Real name is Fedha Sinon.

Q2 What is the age of Pinkydoll?

She is 27 years old, born on 22 April 1996.

Q3 How many followers does Pinkydoll have on Twitter?

She has approximately 29K followers.

Q4 What is the Pinkydoll reaction to her Expose controversy? 

Pinkydoll took advantage of the controversy and made videos telling the fans to wait and watch.

Q5 Does Pinkydoll have only fans?

There is no confirmation about the only fans’ account, but there might be a possibility.

Q6 Can we check out the Pinky Doll Video on Threads? 

Yes, Pinkydoll is also available on Threads and posts multiple videos over there.

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