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[Watch Video] Pilot Pramugari Selingkuh Viral Di Tiktok Video: Is It On Instagram, YouTube, Telegram

This analysis of Pilot Pramugari Selingkuh Viral DI TikTok Video will help you to know the Telegram and YouTube updates on the flight attendant and pilot.

Why the video of the flight attendant is circulating? What is the update on the flight attendant? The recent reports on the Pilot Pramugari Selingkuh Viral DI TikTok Video have shocked the people in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is important to know the reason behind this. In this article, we will provide the facts related to the viral video of Bella Damaika who is a flight attendant. Kindly read this post till the last to get all updates.

About Pilot Pramugari Selingkuh Viral DI TikTok Video

As per online sources, the video of the flight attendant, Bella Damaika is circulating on various social media sites. This video has nothing strange as the attendant is only demonstrating the safety procedures to the passengers. Moreover, one of the passengers shot her video and commented on her rude facial expressions. Some people believed that her expressions were not normal and she behaved rudely. Moreover, this video went viral on TikTok and many people started commenting on it.

Pramugari Selingkuh Dengan Pilot Lion Air!

The online sites revealed that the flight attendant had an affair with the pilot of the Indonesian flight. Their affair was exposed online by the wife of the pilot. Their chats went viral and many people went through their chats in which some intimate discussion was going on between Bella Damaika and the pilot. One of the passengers on Saturday’s flight found the facial expressions of Bella rude while carrying out the safety protocols. Thus, he shot the video and uploaded it on several social media channels.

Pramugari Selingkuh Dengan Pilot Lion Air

Instagram Updates On Bella Damaika and her co-worker! 

We have checked the video of Bella Damaika which was circulating on other social media platforms, but we could not find this video on the IG platform. We also tried to seek the official account of Bella Damaika on Instagram but we could not find her official account. It might be possible that this video has been removed from IG as it can be hurtful and was targeting Bella and her co-worker. 

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Twitter Updates On Bella! 

We have found various updates on the affair of the flight attendant with the pilot. The updates are available on various social media platforms and one of those social media platforms is the mostly used platform which is Twitter. We could see many tweets on this matter from various users. Each user tried to share maximum information on the matter so that the user could understand it better. 

Twitter Updates On Bella

Telegram Video! 

The video of Bella Damaika is circulating on various platforms, but many social media platforms might have removed this video as it is directly related to the personal life of Bella and her co-worker. Moreover, the video might be uploaded on Telegram and the users can check it if it is available. We could not provide direct links to the users because we do not intervene in someone’s private space. 

YouTube Information on the flight attendant! 

You can find the various videos of Ira Nandha who is exposing her husband while he was with the flight attendant, Bella Damaika. This video went viral on several sites and you can easily find the video on YouTube. Moreover, the video of the flight attendant while she was giving safety protocols was not available. We have found various videos of the pilot’s wife as many people have shared this video on their channels. 


Summing up this research here, we have mentioned all the fruitful facts on the viral video of the flight attendant with her co-worker. The updates are trending on various social media platforms so the details were easily accessible on the social media sites. 

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DISCLAIMER: We never intend to invade anyone’s personal space rather we want to provide informative details to the readers on the trending matter that is circulating online. We have not shared the link to the private video or chats of the pilot and the flight attendant because of privacy concerns. Kindly refer to this post for informative purposes.

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