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Piccolo Inu Coin (Nov) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

This article below provides necessary insight into the Piccolo Inu Coin and the recent market position and details required for the investment purpose.

Do you want to invest in a trusted cryptocurrency that will give you better returns in the future? Are you here to know whether the Piccolo Inu token falls in the category of the good token or not? We already know that nowadays, many people from Worldwide have started investing in NFTs and digital coins. 

In this article, we will tell you about the Piccolo Inu Coin along with the market status with its features and tokenomics in the market. So, let’s find out. 

What is Piccolo INU token?

If you are a DragonBall Z fan, you will be familiar with the name Piccolo, right? Piccolo is a famous character in the anime, and now it comes as a cryptocurrency ‘Piccolo INU.’ Piccolo INU is a decentralized & transparent cryptocurrency that is made for mass adoption. 

It is handled by a community and available on the Ethereum Main Net. The holders of the Piccolo token enjoy many kinds of benefits that we will discuss later in the article. 

Who is the founder of Piccolo Inu Coin?

The developer of this token is David, and the chief financial officer’s name is Sofya. You can find the information about the team on its official site. These members are responsible for the development and introduction of the Piccolo token. 

This token is linked with various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. Also, many crypto-related websites are linked with this coin, like coinGecko, Etherscan, Certik, and many more. 

Piccolo INU price chart 

  • Price- $0.00000006547
  • 24H low- $0.0000005076
  • 24H high- $0.00000008533
  • Trading volume- $6,200,903.34
  • Market rank- #2824
  • Market capital- not mentioned 

Piccolo INU tokenomics 

Tokenomics of Piccolo Inu Coin will tell you about some important facts of the Piccolo coin, like liquidity and supply of the coin worldwide. So, let’s find out. 

  • Release date- 22 october 2021
  • Network- ERC-20
  • Initial Supply- 100 trillion 
  • Redistribution to holders- 2% 
  • Marketing Fees + Buy backs- 7%

The Etherscan will verify the contract of the piccolo coin, and the community will lock the coin’s liquidity for the benefits. Now let’s put some light on the benefits of the Piccolo INU given to the investors. 

What are the benefits of the Piccolo INU token?

To increase the number of investors, Piccolo Inu Coin is giving some benefits to their investors that will make them invest in this token like:

  • 2% of every transaction of this token will be transferred to holders. 
  • 7% of the transaction goes to marketing which often gives cashback and buybacks to the holders. 
  • Static rewards are also given to the holders, giving the holders a better and fairer experience. 

How to get Piccolo INU token?

If you are interested in buying the Piccolo token, various options or websites deal with Piccolo tokens like CoinGecko, PinuSwap, and many more. In PinuSwap, you have to enter the quantity of Piccolo Inu Coin which you want to exchange. 

You will get the information about the token, and after that, you need to verify the information and then click on the swap. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: What is the position of the Piccolo Inu token in the market?

A: The piccolo Inu token stands at the position of #2824 in the market. You can check here the information related to the price.

Question2: Who is the developer of Piccolo coin?

A: The developer of the Piccolo coin is David. 

Wrapping it up

With all the information we mentioned above regarding Piccolo Inu Coin, we can conclude that it is a growing cryptocurrency that needs time to profit its holders. You can share your views regarding the Piccolo coin in the comment section.  Also, read here if you want to know the next big cryptocurrency, 2021.

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