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PHP to Zoon (Aug 2021) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell

PHP to Zoon (Aug 2021) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell >> Here in this article, we will learn about the price of NFT based game coins.

People of the Philippines are very excited about investing in digital currencies and getting huge profits from them by investing in various coins. So they need to know the price of every token in pesos.

So here we are going to discuss the price in PHP to Zoon and read, in brief, all the details related to zoon coin, so go through this following article to know every detail about this digital currency.

What is Zoon Token?

It is NFT based gaming token and is also a first-ever ecosystem created to combine various digital features with gaming. Zoon is a new digital currency that consists of a ticker zoon symbol which is inclined by the storyline of Pokemon. 

It is created to bring together several users to get indulged in NFT based games. Before discussing the price in PHP to Zoon, let us first read about the founders of the zoon token.

Founders Of The Zoon Token:

It is a token based on the NFT game. However, there is still no transparent information about the founder of this token, and there is no information available about the founder on any of the social handles or the internet. 

After reading about the details of the founder of this token, let us read about the price of the zoon coin to the PHP.

Price Of PHP to Zoon:

The current price of the zoon token in PHP is around 1.75 pesos, with a current total circulating supply of zero coins and with the total amount of volume exchanged around 1,816,732,058.

Crypto Zoon coin Live Price Data:

The live price of the Zoon as of today is 0.04001624 dollars, and it also has a twenty-four trading volume of 37,147,495. And the cost of the zoon token is up by almost 103.7 percent in the last twenty-four hours.

It also has zero coins circulating supply and almost 575 million total supply. So now, further in this article of after knowing PHP to Zoon rate and the live data of the coin, let us read about the price statistics of the token.

Price Statistics of the Zoon digital currency:

  • Here we have mentioned the price statistics of zoon digital currency.
  • price of Zoon coin- 0.04001624dollars.
  • market cap of zoon coin- no data available.
  • trading volume of zoon coin- 37,147,495 dollars.
  • volume and a market cap of zoon coins- no data available.
  • 24h low and the 24h high of the zoon coin- 0.01883798 and 0.058898
  • seven-day low and high of zoon coin- 0.01441413 and 0.057501 dollars.
  • market cap rank- Not available.
  • all-time high of zoon coin- 0.058898.

These were the price statistics of zoon coin that we have read here in the PHP to Zoon article.

How to Buy Zoon Token?

There is no relevant data available about how and where to purchase the zoon digital currency. The only Information available about the pancake swap exchange platform is where you can buy or sell zoon tokens.


Q1) what is the total supply of zoon coins?

Answer) 574,509,000

Q2) what is the max supply of zoon coins?

Answer) 1,000,000,000


Here in this article, we have read about the details of zoon coin, and we have discussed the price rate of PHP to Zoon, and we have also discussed all essential Information related to zoon digital currency.

Have you ever purchased an NFT game token? If yes, then do share your experience.

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