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Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail: Know The 126 Million Looting Story!

Learn more about the real story behind Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail viral news in this article.

Do you know about Houston’s one of the best restaurants, Phil & Derek’s Jazz Lounge & Restaurant? Were you aware of the couple who own that famous restaurant and their news about Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail?

Well, they have become a popular buzzing topic in the United States because of their fraudulent activity of looting $126 million! In this article, we are going to discuss the background story of the fraud compounding scheme in a detailed manner.

The trending Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail news

Phil and Derek is a very famous restaurant in the Houston region, where they have attracted millions of customers with their food and their style of running the restaurant. All the credit goes to the owners of the restaurant, John Cruise, and his wife, LaShonia Johnson.

In addition to that, they jointly own a pharmacy named Assurance Consolidated Pharmacy in Texas. Their pharmacy is affiliated with the Department of Labour’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programmes (OWCP) and TRICARE (U.S. governmental scheme for service members and their families).

On April 1, Phil and Derek Owners Sentenced to Jail because they filed false claims showing that they had sold their medicines to these many workers. By showing those false claims, they could get reimbursement money from the OWCP and TRICARE departments. But in real life, they have just compounded the story. In addition to that, they even recruited some patient recruiters to give cheap and inappropriate medicines to service people to show the record. Now, the cheating got up to the department, and they were sentenced to jail for 20 years.

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The background story of Phil and Derek Owners Sentenced to Jail

In April, Phil and Derek Owner John Cruise and his wife, LaShonia Johnson, were sentenced to a severe jail sentence because of their compounded pharmacy fraud activity. Assistant Attorney General Kenneth and U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani announced the order that John Cruise be sentenced to jail for 20 years and his wife LaShonia be sentenced to jail for 15 years.

The whole fraud activity is centered around getting reimbursement for supplying medicine for OWCP and TRICARE-associated people. Thus, Phil and Derek Owners Sentenced to Jail.

The judgment details

John and Lashonia cleverly recruited patient recruiters and pharmacists to deliver their medicines to randomized people to get reimbursements. Even so, they went to mail some cheap generic medicines to the beneficiaries of the OWCP and Tricare programs. It has helped them gain a lump sum of 126 million!

And the law is always there to protect the people. So, Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail along with their associates. Let us see the jail terms of every culprit.

  • John Cruise, the owner (20 years)
  • Lashonia Johnson, the owner (15 years)
  • Kenny Ozouse: Owner of compounding solutions (10 years)
  • James Don: Medicial doctor (5 years)
  • Nirvana Hightower: Pharmacist (5 years)
  • Keith Hudson: Pharmacist (5 years)
  • Audra Jones: 2 years and 6 months
  • Terrance Aice: Patient recruiter (one year, 6 months)
  • Sherod Johnson: Patient recruiter (one year, six months)
  • Doctors like Dr. Jay Bender, Dr. Deepak Chavda, Donathan Kemp, and Naresh Jivanji are also jailed.


Phil and Derek Owner Sentenced Jail news has left everyone in great shock because it is a very famous restaurant that has won the trust of millions of people. Now, their fraudulent activity has painted a black mark over their restaurant. Every penny they looted is public tax money, so what they committed was indeed a wrong act, and now they are reaping the consequences of it.

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