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Phb Crypto {Sep 2022} Check Price, Chart & Prediction!

The article gathers all the information about the  Phb Crypto and lets the users find the complete details about the same.

Have you heard of the term cryptocurrency? Have you ever purchased Crypto coins? The article is about cryptocurrency and its current price for people Worldwide to give them an idea of the current price which is going on and if suitable, they can purchase some of them. Crypto coins turned out to be a good investment because virtual currencies provide a good return. We will give you all the related information to Phb Crypto in this article and the current price of the virtual coins.

What is Phb?

PHB is a blockchain that meets the demands of the consumers and builds Smart apps for them. The phb is made to empower enterprises as the blockchain technology supports the fast development of these apps and enhances the customer experience. As we have noticed today, within a 24-hour trading volume, the PHP global price is $ 0.519651. We will provide more detailed information about the Phb Coin Price in the upcoming sections, and people looking to purchase these coins must go through the below details.


The crypto Phb founders’ name have been mentioned as Senthil Kumar and all the information are shared under the title Phoenix global. We have found only the mentioned information about the owner of the cryptocurrency.

Coin Phb Price Chart

As of the latest information collected regarding the cryptocurrency, we have found that the coin’s current market cap is $34,409,407, whereas this fully diluted market cap is $34,236,172. The total supply of the coin is 37,136,775. We have not got information about the maximum supply of the coin related, but we will update it as soon as we reach the figures.

Phb Crypto Price Prediction

The price of the Phb has risen in the past week, and the growth percentage that has been noticed is 252.7 %. The price of the Crypto coin increased by 127% in the last 24 hours, and one can notice a growth of around 10 % in only a few hours. 

Info About Crypto Phb Supply

The currency is on a larger scale; if suitable, one can invest in the crypto to earn maximum benefits. The total supply of the coin is 37,136,775. We have not got information about the maximum supply of the Phb Coin Yorum and the total circulating supply of the coin is 37,136,774.80 PHB. We have mentioned the reviews in this article furthermore.

How to buy Crypto Phb coins?

  • Visit the official website and click on the buy now option.
  • You will be redirected to the page where the buyers have to follow all the procedures of purchasing.
  • Select the coin and you will receive it in your wallet.

Read further to clarify your doubts through below FAQs

Frequently ask Queries

  1. What is the all time high price of Phb Crypto?

The all-time high price of the crypto Phb is ₹104.37.

  1. By what percent has the price increased in last 24 hours?

In the last 24 hours the price increased by 139.17% and is expected to increase in the time to come.

  1. What is the current price of the crypto coin?

The current price of the crypto coin is $0.002888 per PHB. The current circulating supply is 0 PHB. 


We can conclude the topic by saying that PHB has been offering a very high value for the past few days. More detailed information can be collected about Phb Coin Nedir from the official websites. Have you purchased the PHB coins? Comment below. People interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies can get the details about the Global phoenix coins here. Additionaly, Refer to the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading

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