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Phaeton Crypto (Nov 2021) How to Buy? Chart, Price

Here in this article, we will read every important detail about the Phaeton Crypto, so read this article till the end for complete information.

With the recent developments made in the crypto world, every investor has started looking for some coins to invest in. However, it is a fact in the crypto world that the price of the coins are highly volatile. And thus, those who are into trading keep an eye on all of the launched coins. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to Phaeton Crypto.

This coin has been in demand in the United States and if you are also interested in this coin, keep reading this article.

What is Phaeton Coin?

The Phaeton Coin is the original coin of the Phaeton blockchain. This blockchain aims to decentralize financial interaction inside the Phaeton blockchain ecosystem. This coin has been developed to be used as a transaction fee for transactions in the blockchain. The market capitalization of this coin is not influenced by any external factor and is directly dependent on the supply and demand of the Phaeton Crypto. The holders of the coin will be allowed to participate in the governance of the blockchain so that it can be made in a decentralized environment.

Founders of the Coin:

The co-founder and the CTO of the Phaeton blockchain is Chai Shepherd. He is also a blockchain advisor and is also the co-founder of RCD Venture at Phaeton Technology. He has worked previously in management and UI design/ Front-end development areas. He is leading a team of technical experts and blockchain developers for the Phaeton blockchain and Phaeton crypto. He aims to develop a blockchain platform that would tackle the problems and shortcomings of the current blockchain systems. The maximum supply of the coins are 500million. And until January 2021, almost 175 million Phaeton coins were released in the market. 

Live Price Data of the coin:

  • Max Total Supply- 5,000,000,000 PHA
  • Holders- 1
  • Transfers- 1
  • Contract- 0x077ff9d7d786c541d8b261df055c8cd81Decimals- 18
  • Social Profiles- Not Available

The price data of the Phaeton token is not available right now as the coin has been launched recently only. 

How to buy Phaeton Crypto?

The Phaeton coin is the native coin of the Phaeton blockchain, and it is used in the blockchain as a transaction fee for all the transactions that occur on the blockchain. The transaction also includes all the Sidechain applications which are on the Phaeton platform. Many transactions on this blockchain are related to the sidechains, tokenization of assets, and deployment of a biometric card in the supply chain. The Sidechain applications which are present on the blockchain for the clients, whether they are public, private or hybrid, all of the applications will require Phaeton coins for valid transactions. The Phaeton crypto can be bought from the Over the Counter (OTC) sales process by clicking on the “Buy PHA” button given there. The price of the token is on discount until it is listed on multiple platform exchanges. The price of the token is given in Australian Dollars. 


The information on the coin has been provided in the article. If you buy the coin, you will receive your crypto in your Phaeton crypto once you have filled up the enquiry disambiguation form and then made the payment into the trust account, the detail of which would have been provided to you by then, and read here if you want to know more about how to spot a bitcoin scammer easily.

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