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Pgx Price PHP (Jan 2022) Contract Address, How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the PGX token and the live Pgx Price PHP value and its other statistics.

To heighten the accessibility of Play-2-Earn games, Pegaxy has been introduced to allow gamers to connect with Metaverse without any initial investment. It is free to play racing game launched on Blockchain technology. 

All the races on the platform are for free, and horses are available on rent with a profit-sharing model. Pegaxy is the P2E mech-horse racing game, and it uses a dual token ecosystem based on governance token PGX and utility token VIS.

The token is getting very popular amongst the gamers in the Philippines, and now investors are looking for live Pgx Price PHP.  

What is PGX?

PGX is the ticker symbol of the governance token of Pegaxy. Pegaxy is the mech-horse racing game launched on Blockchain Technology as a P2E metaverse game that allows users to create real-world value via in-game activities.

The game uses a token economy based on governance token PGX or Pegaxy Stones. The token allows the holders to manipulate the decisions on the platform and make profits via stacking. 

The governance token is available on Polygon Layer 2 Chain. There are limited ways to earn the token in the game, and investors can trade it on major exchanges. The game is popular in the Philippines, and investors want to know the Pgx Price PHP value.    

The Founders of PGX

Pegaxy Game was launched in Feb 2021 and comprised an onboard team of 50 full-time professionals. Ken Pham serves as the CEO of the platform, Steve Nguyen serves as the CEO, and Corey Wilton works as the CMO of the platform. 

The team is active on social media, and for the complete list of working staff, you may visit the platform’s official website.

What is the Market Statistics of PGX?

According to Coinmarketcap.com, the PGX token has been priced at $0.772821. The Pgx Price PHP value of the token is 39.73 PHP. The token has recorded a downfall of 9.92% in the last 24 hrs. The trading volume of PGX tokens in the last 24 hrs is $5 707 493, with a decline of 11.55%.

The token has secured the market ranking of #2918 based on the live market capitalization of $32 253 093.13. The fully diluted market capitalization of the PGX token is $772 821 143.79.

The PGX token has the maximum circulating supply of 1 000 000 000 PGX Tokens. There is no update on the total supply of PGX Token.

What is the Live Pgx Price PHP Value?

According to coinmarketcap.com, the live PHP value of the PGX token is 39.73 Pilipino Peso. It means you have to spend 39.73 PHP for buying one PGX Token.

However, you must keep checking the PHP value when investing because it is subject to change according to market trends. 

The Process To Buy PGX

Pegaxy has its native marketplace for buying and selling PGX Tokens. But, you can also buy it from other exchanges.

  • Go to KyberSwap and link your wallet
  • Transfer funds to buy PGX
  • Find the token using contract address 0xc1c93D475dc82Fe72DBC7074d55f5a734F8cEEAE
  • Check the live Pgx Price PHP value
  • Enter the numbers of tokens 
  • Swap the currency for PGX
  • Store it in your wallet and use it while gaming  


Q1. Mention the Official Page of PGX

A1. The official link of the PGX token is https://pegaxy.io/

Q2. What is the Right Contract Address?

A2. Investors have to utilize 0xc1c93D475dc82Fe72DBC7074d55f5a734F8cEEAE as the contract address to buy the token.


People interested in investing in PGX tokens and who want to earn the governance token of the game must visit its official website. But, before playing and investing in the token, check the live Pgx Price PHP value. Besides, you must also find the Best App for Cryptocurrency Trading in 2022 to avoid unnecessary Crypto Scams. 

Do you have anything to share about the game or its native token? Please share it in the comment section. 

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