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[Watch Video] Petugas Dishub Di Kap Mobil: Jakarta Viral Video Leaked Details Here!

Have you watched a real-life Spider-Man on Dishub Jakarta viral leaked video? If you have not read this Petugas Dishub DI Kap Mobil article.

Are you the person who believes that traffic police officials are risking their lives to control the wild behaviors of the drivers? Have you seen the recent video where the police officer traveled like a spider man to catch the culprit who disobeyed traffic police officials?

The Petugas Dishub DI Kap Mobil keyword that is trending all over Indonesia, receives a lot of appreciation from the general public. Let us see the video in detail.

About Petugas Dishub DI Kap Mobil

Here, the term Petugas refers to a police officer who belongs to the Dishub traffic department, and the term” DI Kap Mobil” refers to the hood of a car. So, it refers to the traffic police who traveled on the hood of a car to catch the culprit. 

On January 3, 2024, a video went viral in Jakarta where the DKI transportation officer sat on the hood of the car and traveled a certain distance. This video went viral and questioned the activity of that respective police officer. 

Dishub Jakarta Video invited lots of controversy and criticism, so the head of the department explained the incident in detail. The disgruntled officer tried to catch the driver, who drove a red Avanza car when he inappropriately showed his middle finger to police officials.

The traffic officers asked him to stop the car, but he didn’t stop; instead, he even tried to hit the traffic policeman, so the Dishub officers sat on the hood of the car to catch him.

About Petugas Dishub DI Kap Mobil

Dishub Jakarta Viral Leaked

The police got on the hood of the car incident was captured in the Jakarta region. That’s why the video got its name, Jakarta Dishub Video. When the driver didn’t stop his car, the police official ran and occupied the hood of the car and acted as a Spiderman. His moves were recorded and uploaded to the internet. 

Some of the general public shared on their social media accounts, so in this way, we can see the video on the Instagram platform as well.

Dishub Jakarta Viral Leaked

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More details in the Dishub Jakarta Video

The incident happened on a bright day when police officials caught a red Avanza car for its misbehaviour toward the police officials. Dishub police officers examined his vehicle and wanted him to get out of the car, but he over speeded his car, so one of the traffic police officers sat on the hood of his car, and all those scenes were recorded. 

Upon investigating the Avanza driver, Dishub Jakarta Video police officials found out that the driver hit another two-wheel vehicle. That’s why he was in a hurry to drive his car without obeying the police officers.

Ways to watch the video 

Many news media outlets started to explain the actions of the police officer and why he acted as a spider man during his duty. So, we can see those videos on many news websites as short clips. It was only a short video within 1 minute. Anyone can watch the video because no violence is shown.

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The Petugas Dishub DI Kap Mobil incident explains how some police officers are even risking their lives to catch the culprits. That car driver committed a mistake, and he tried to escape the scene. But that sincere police officer transformed into a spider man. His act definitely needs lots of appreciation. 

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Disclaimer: The information that has been shared here is 100% true.

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