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[Update] Pete Davidson Ice Spice: Is IT A longest Relationship with Girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski? Read Now!

The below write-up provides all the trending information about Pete Davidson Ice Spice relationship, about the rumors and past dating life.

Is Pete Davidson dating Ice Spice? Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are currently in the spotlight and have become topics to discuss on the internet. The news about the stars dating goes viral on all social media platforms. People Worldwide are curious to know if they are dating or not. 

If you are curious to know the same, you are at the right place. This article has brought you all the information about Pete Davidson Ice Spice.


Why is Pete Davidson and Ice Spice trending on the internet?

Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are getting the public’s attention because of their dating news. And this news is solely the reason that they are trending on Twitter.

This news started circulating when an Instagram meme page shared a picture of Pete and ice with the caption,” He can’t keep getting away with it.” The post got the public’s attention, and they made this news go viral.

Points about rumored Girlfriend Ice Spice 

  • Ice spice’s real name is Isis Gaston.
  • She grew up in the Bronx, New York City
  • She is a 23 years old American rapper.
  • She mostly makes HipHop music, Trap Music, and Drill music
  • She attended the State University of New York
  • She started her career in 2021 and realized “Bully Freestyle” was her debut song.

Relationship of Pete Davidson with Emily Ratajkowski

The source says that Pete and Emily started dating on 14 November 2022. As per the statement of Emily, Pete was a fun guy with whom she could hang out, and she finds him charming. When their fans saw them together, they shipped them and loved the chemistry between them.

However, after a few months of dating, on 27 December 2022, they finally split up. The break-up was mutual, and the situation was fine with both of them.

Which was the Longest Relationship of Pete Davidson

The first long-term relationship Pete Davidson has been with is Cazzie David, the Daughter of the comedian Larry David. They both started dating in May 2016, and things quickly became serious. They dated for two years, and in May 2018, Pete Davidson announced that he and Cazzie had officially broken up.

Is Pete Davidson and his Girlfriend Ice Spice Dating?

No, this news was a mere rumor, and they are not dating each other. According to the statement, Ice spice currently, she is single, and Pete Davidson is dating Chase Sui Wonders.

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The final verdict

Pete Davidson and Ice spice are not dating. It was a rumor spread by some fans on social media platforms.

What is your thought about Pete Davidson’s dating life? Let us know your thoughts about the article in the comments.

Girlfriend Ice Spice (FAQs)

1-How have fans reacted to the dating news of Pete Davidson and Ice spice?

A- Fans had mixed opinions about this news. Some were happy, and some were concerned.

2-When did their dating rumor start trending?

A- The rumor started trending on 27 February 2023.

3-How many people tweeted about them?

A- More than 4K people tweeted their thoughts.

4-What is the age of Ice Spice and Pete Davidson?

A- Ice spice is 23 years old, and Pete is 29.

5-Is Emily Ratajkowski, a model?

A- She is an American model, author, and actress.

6-How old is Emily Ratajkowski?

A- She is 31 years old. 

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