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Petawawa Kia Tackle Video: Is The Viral News Still Trending On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Handles? Checkout Here!

The write-up aims to inform the readers about Petawawa Kia Tackle Video and how Kia reacted to the video and handled the whole situation.

Did you see the viral PetawawaKia Video? People Worldwide have come across this video and are furious about the thing which is happening in the video. People want to know the whole story behind the video and whether or not PetawawaKia has taken action against it.


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If you are looking for the answer to the same question, then we have your back. We have brought our readers information about Petawawa Kia Tackle Video.

What was in the Petawawa Kia Tackle Video?

In the viral video, there was a recording of a fight between the Manager of Petawawa Kia and a customer. The video started recording from the middle, but as per the thread present on the internet, the Customer was there to take their deposit back.

The Kia manager pushed that Customer from their store and started yelling; between all the yelling, the Customer pushed that manager when he called out the Customer’s wife with a vulgar name.


What was in the Petawawa Kia Tackle Video

How did this video go viral on Twitter?

Social media is the platform where people can be heard out. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with this video too. When this video started appearing on the pages of Twitter users, they started sharing it on every platform because of the manager’s behavior and inappropriate words toward the Customer’s wife.

People were furious with the manager and asked the company to take action against their rude staff.

How PetawawaKia took action against the whole situation after the video got Viral On Reddit?

PetawawaKia fired their manager, who was involved in the viral video. They officially apologized for the behavior of their former Floor Manager. They added that they will always provide excellent customer service, and people can expect the highest form of ethical conduct from their employees.

Was this video posted on Instagram?

This tackle video from the PetawawaKia was posted on many social media platforms but not on Instagram. Some people talked about it on Instagram, but Twitter and Reddit were the platforms where this topic got more attention.

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The Final Verdict

The floor manager from the fighting video is fired and no longer works with the company. And PetawawaKia has officially apologized for it. 

Did Kia take charge of their impolite employee in the right way? Comment down.

Petawawa Kia Tackle Youtube Video (FAQs)

1- Have Youtubers posted about the Tackle video on their Channel?

A- Some Youtubers have been informed about it on their YouTube channel.

2-On which platform Petawawa Kia apologized for this incident?

A- They apologized on their super store’s Facebook page.

3-Who was behind the camera and recorded the video?

A- The customer in the video and his wife recorded the incident.

4-Why Customer tac kles the floor manager?

A- He called out his wife with an inappropriate name which made the husband furious.

5- Is the tackle video present on Telegram?

A- Yes, a Telegram channel has provided the video link.

6-When did Kia start their business in Petawawa?

A- Since November 2005, they have been in business as PetawawaKia.

7-Is Kia, an American automobile company?

A- No, Kia is a South Korean multinational manufacturer.

8- The tackle Petawawa Kia tackle video got viral on Tiktok.

A- Yes, the video also gets viral on TikTok, including other platforms.

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