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Peaceful Groupies NFT (Sep 2021) Get Latest Updates!

Please read this write-up to be aware of Peaceful Groupies NFT, a newly launched project dealing with computerized hybrid characters can be traded on OpenSea.

Non-Fungible Tokens are the latest ideas in the marketplace today. Owing to its digitized nature, any asset can be traded using the decentralized blockchain ecosystems. As a result, newer portals are being conceptualized for the users to experiment. 

In this write-up, we have talked about yet another unique project called Peaceful Groupies NFT, which is attracting investors and crypto enthusiasts from Worldwide. Please read this news report to know in detail about this distinct crypto initiative and its latest update. 

What are Peaceful Groupies?

Peaceful Groupies are colorful virtual characters with unique features, which can be traded as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 9990 Groupies that the team has created manually and randomized using software, uniting characteristics of both human beings and computers, giving an effect of optical illusion. In addition to the Groupies, there are ten icons in the system. 

The official portal and Twitter page of the Peaceful Groupies NFT use the Peace sign for branding purposes, which is actually the Nuclear Disarmament symbol. The developers of Peaceful Groupies believe that these virtual characters shall be the users’ friends and help them maintain peace in today’s world. 

Founder of Peaceful Groupies

There are no names of the founders mentioned on their official site. The team handles their social media forum with the username of Peacevoid. 

Initial Price of Peaceful Groupies

The initial cost per Peaceful Groupie is set at 2 ETH. As the price of 1 ETH today is $3630, it makes the current starting price of one Peaceful Groupies NFT equal to $7260 (at the time of jotting this write-up). 

The developers have stated that they shall release the NFTs employing the Dutch auction. This implies that the cost of the NFTs shall reduce each second over two days. Thus, the minimum price of one NFT shall hit 0.06 ETH equaling around $218. 

Activities for the NFT holders

The owners of this NFT project welcome innovative concepts from their community on their social media profiles on Discord and Twitter. The ideas can be related to artistic works like graphic images, music, poetry, and so on. The Peaceful Groupies NFT team believes in sharing the talent an individual has. 

The owners also emphasize their disapproval of hatred, bullying, and racism. Going by their brand name, they want to spread peace and appreciate the skills of their users.  Apart from the contributions of the NFT holders, the team shall arrange mass meditation sessions, live streaming of albums, and movie nights for the members of their community. 

Contract Address of Peaceful Groupies 

The smart contract address of the Peaceful Groupies on Etherscan is 0x4f89Cd0CAE1e54D98db6a80150a824a533502EEa. 

How to Purchase the Peaceful Groupies?

To buy the Peaceful Groupies NFT, one must acquire a MetaMask wallet and some initial Ethereum tokens (ETH) to start the trade. After the purchase is completed, the NFTs will be deposited in the corresponding Ethereum address that the holders used for logging in. The users can display the NFTs in MetaMask or transact them on OpenSea.

The team of this crypto initiative has restricted the sale of 150 Peaceful Groupies. They intend to release them in the community in the future, along with newer system introductions and challenges. These can also be used for airdrops or giveaways. 

Conclusion on Peaceful Groupies NFT

The team has mentioned the release timelines on the Twitter handle of Peaceful Groupies in various cities. It also contains multiple Groupies that the team has designed manually. The idea behind this initiative is to share the artwork of the members. As it is a new idea, its success shall be disclosed only after its launch.

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