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{Updated} Payton Shires LinkedIn: Why Pictures are Trending on Instagram & Twitter? Are Pics Available on Facebook?

Our research on Payton Shires LinkedIn will give you information on the Pictures of Payton Shires on Twitter or Facebook

Are you aware of the unlawful acts of Payton Shires? Why is this personality trending on social media? This time, Payton Shires LinkedIn is trending on social media because Payton Shires was arrested. Her arrest has begun a controversy among fans in the United States and Canada. Please read all the details on the trending news on Payton Shires.

About Payton Shires LinkedIn

As per online sources, Payton Shires was arrested on the charges of having a relationship with a young boy of 13 years old. After this update started trending online, people asked for a LinkedIn profile. On her LinkedIn profile, she has 7 followers and works on the National Youth Advocate Program. 

Payton Shires Instagram

As per online sources, Payton Shires’ real account has not been available on Instagram. We tried to seek the original profile on IG, but we could not get the original profile. There are no details about the scandal on IG. 

Payton Shires Twitter

We could see many tweets on Twitter in which the reports regarding her work have been shared. Some users have shared pictures of her FB account, but her account is now not accessible. An account on Twitter was found but it is not known if it is original.

Payton Shires Facebook

We could see some tweets on Twitter sharing screenshots of the profile of Payton Shires. When we searched her account on Facebook, we could not find her account. It was speculated that Payton Shires Facebook account might have been removed from FB. It is because she has to be saved from social scrutiny. People may backlash against her on her social media profiles for her wrongdoings. 

Payton Shires Pictures With The Boy! 

As per online sources, the mother of the young boy who was only 13 years old found some intimate pictures of Payton Shires with her son. She learned about their relationship after she found pictures on his mobile phone. 

Payton Shires Pics with son compelled the mother of a teenager to file a complaint. This led to the arrest of Payton Shires. The reports also revealed that the boy used to meet Payton in intimate locations where they used to have some privacy.

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Are Payton Shires Pics available on the internet? 

The original images of the boy and Payton Shires are not posted on social media platforms to avoid any disturbance among the people. Some netizens have already been criticizing Payton Shires. Most of the social media accounts have been removed to avoid controversy. 

Payton Shires Instagram account has also been removed from IG. All the accounts from other social media platforms removed Payton Shires Twitter account.

How was Payton linked with the boy? 

Payton Shires is a social worker from Calabash, North Carolina. She was assigned the counseling duty of the boy. 

Social Media Links

The social media handler has removed the viral video due to controversial issues. Hence, we are unable to share any social media link. 


Wrapping up this post, we have given details on the arrest of Payton Shires. Her next hearing will take place on October 16, 2023. However, she has been arrested and more details will be updated after her next hearing. 

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DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to interfere in the personal matters of Payton and boy. The name of the boy has not been revealed. Our motive is to provide information for informative purposes. 

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