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Recently, there have been several reports about receiving collection calls from But did you know that people did not get any information over the call about unpaid debt? The calls were received across the United States

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About is affiliated with FCR Collection Services located at 625 The City Dr S Ste 370, Orange, CA 92868-995. FCR’s correspondence address is PO Box 18978, Irvine, CA 92623 and can be reached at (949)440-4600. Paymybalance can be reached at (800)979-8917 and by Fax# at (949)440-4688. Their email address is and makes collection calls to collect declined payments, chargebacks, bounced cheques, Etc. In one of the blogs, the customer indicated receiving calls to collect SCHWANS payments. One of the customers stated that he received several calls from to make payments on their website (or) to call (800)979-8917, as indicated in Reviews on Reddit. 

FCR and FEDChex provide services related to accounts receivables, collecting electronic phone checks, risk mitigation, loss recovery management, chargebacks, declined electronic payments, energy and utility bills, check collections, medical collections, healthcare collections, fitness, education, Etc. is launched as one of FCR’s collection websites. makes outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls to customers. It provides assistance in Spanish and English language. Its operations are not limited to collecting loans, but it supports FCR’s mission of assisting its clients from Fortune 500 companies.

However, the call did not inform customers about the pending debt. Scam are rumors. does not host any webpage where customers can check their dues (or) initiate the payment process. discloses that it is affiliated with FCR and provides contact details and FAQs.

The legitimacy of

Though FCR started its business in 2001, was registered in Tempe, AZ, USA, on 28th/October/2015. It is a 7-years, 7-months, and 5-days old website. It was last updated on 29th/October/2022, suggesting business continuity. Paymybalance’s registration will expire within 4-months and 6-days on 28th/October/2023. gained an average of 51% business, zero Alexa, and a low suspicion score of 5%. Hence Scam is not true. It uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and the website is not blacklisted. Its IP has an SSL certificate valid for the next 189 days. Ms. Christi Flanigan is the president and CFO of FCR. The privacy policy and terms of were clearly mentioned on its website.

Social media links and relationship:

Conclusion:’s trust score is undetermined. Eight websites and two YouTube reviews were neutral. Its affiliation with FCR, average business ranking, and low suspicion profile indicated that rumors about Scam are false. Click here to know about business score. If a customer receives a call from, it is advisable to review any bounced cheques, declined payments, Etc., or to call the official helpline at (800)979-8917 to know more details.

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1Q. Why are calls treated as a scam?

Generally, collection calls inform upfront about the organization and the amount due. But, does not inform customers about what payment it is calling for. Hence, it is treated as a scam.

2Q. Is it safe to make payment to’s representative?

Due to an average business score, getting the information in writing over an email is suggested to decide on payments.

3Q. How many calls were reported per day from

A few customers reported receiving at least three calls per day.

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