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Pavia Token Price (Feb) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you also want to know about the Pavia Token Price and its other statistics? In this article, get all the details.

Are you also coming across the news that the Pavia crypto coin is listed as untracked? Don’t worry if you wonder how to trade in the coin and what all next. This news writing has everything to tell you in detail about the popular coin of the United States.

In this writing, we will answer all your questions, including price details, untracked list, Pavia Token Price, buying details, and other important information. Let us get started to know all the details.

Everything About The Coin

Pavia is the crypto coin popular in the United States, and also the coin is currently listed as untracked due to different reasons. 

This is an infancy project based on very early stages of the development; the coin provides a real-time gaming experience to the players; they are making the experience three times better than the recent experience of people. You can also check the Pavia Token Price.

Founders of The Coin

Morgan is the CEO of the coin along with COO Paul and a huge team of people working to make the coin successful.

Statistical Details

These specific details of the coin will tell you more about the coin:

  • Market cap-77,475,000 ADA
  • Circulating Supply-500,000,000 PAVIA
  • Maximum supply-2,000,000,000 PAVIA
  • Bid Price-0.17 ADA / $PAVIA
  • Ask price-0.1399 ADA / $PAVIA
  • Landowners-8,300
  • Land sale 1-29,000 parcels.
  • Land sale 2-31,000 parcels
  • Land policy id-4bf184e01e0f163296ab253edd60774e2d34367d0e7b6cbc689b567d
  • $Pavia Policy ID-884892bcdc360bcef87d6b3f806e7f9cd5ac30d999d49970e7a903ae

Other important statistics will be available once the token is out of the untracked list.

Pavia Token Price

The crypto coin’s price is 0.1545 AD; the coin is currently not available on all the websites for trading with its price, it will soon be available.

How To Procure The Token?

If you are looking to procure the coin and get several benefits, this writing will brief you about the procedure to buy the coin.

  • Currently, the Pavia token is only available on Muesli Swap.
  • First, go to the web address of Muesli Swap.
  • If you have an account, start the further procedure; if you don’t have an account, you can create one. Also, check Pavia Token Price once.
  • After this goes on Market option, now you will see Pavia listed on the token list.
  • Click on Pavia token, now first connect the wallet to Muesli swap.
  • Now click on buy the coin, deposit the USD to buy the coin.
  • Don’t forget to check the price, pay the fiat money, and you are all set to get the coin.
  • Also, when the coin is out of the untracked list, it will be available for trading and buying on all official exchanges.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Why is the token listed as untracked?

A1. The token is listed as untracked, as it is not currently available for trading anywhere by the team of founders of the coin also Pavia Token Price is not available on all market caps. 

Q2. What is the web address of the crypto?

A2. The web address of the coin is https://www.pavia.io/.

Q3. What is the original contract address?

A3. The original contract address of the coin is 884892bcdc360bcef87d6b3f806e7f9cd5ac30d999d49970e7a903ae

The Final Words

Currently, the market data of the coin is untracked because it is not available for trading right now on any official market trading website; you will need to wait for some more time to trade in the coin. You can still get more information about the coin here. Follow here to learn about the best crypto apps to trade

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