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Paula Hurd Net Worth: Who Is Her Husband? Whose Death News Is Circulating? Is She Mark’s Wife? Curious To Check Check Her Age & Relation Facts With Bill Gates? Read Wikipedia Now!

The below article covers all the vital facts about Paula Hurd and Bill Gates’s relationship and Paula Hurd Net Worth.

Have you heard about Paula Hurd before? Do you know who Paula Hurd’s husband was? Paula Hurd was the wife of Co-CEO of Oracle Corporation, Mark Vincent Hurd. After Mark Hurd died in 2019, many people from the United States started spreading rumors about Paula Hurd and Bill Gates.

People want to know Paula Hurd Net Worth, her relationship with Bill Gates, and other details. If you are also one of them, please continue to read the article. 


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What is the net worth of Paula Hurd?

Paula Hurd is one of the most successful and elite event planners in the U.S. In 2023. Her net worth is between $3.5 million to $4.5 million. 

Paula Hurd Husband:

Mark Vincent Hurd was the husband of Paula Hurd. Mark Vincent Hurd was the co-CEO of Oracle Corporation.

Paula Kalupa and Mark Vincent Hurd got married on 12th May 1990. Together Paula and Mark have two daughters. Paula and Mark had been together since the last day of Mark. 

Paula Hurd Age:

Paula Hurd was born in 1962. But there are no details available about the specific birth date of Paula Hurd. Paula Hurd is now a 60-year-old woman. 

How did Paula Hurd’s husband die?

Mark Vincent Hurd, the husband of Paula Hurd, died at the age of sixty-two. Mark Hurd was suffering from cancer. 

People became so interested in Paula Hurd and Mark Hurd that they searched for Paula Hurd Death instead of Mark Hurd’s death. We like to inform our readers that Paula Hurd is fine. Only Paula Hurd’s husband, Mark Vincent Hurd, lost his life because of cancer. 

Which rumor is spreading about Paula Hurd and Bill Gates?

According to People magazine, Bill Gates has been in a relationship with Mark Vincent Hurd’s widow Paula Hurd for more than a year. The term Paula Hurd Bill Gates is now trending on the internet. In last month’s Australian Open, during the Men’s Singles Final, the media captured the photo of Paula Hurd and Bill Gates together. 

What are ordinary people’s reactions to this news?

Some people said, they already know about Paula Hurd and Bill Gates’ relationship. Some people were stunned after hearing the news. Some of them became so excited that they searched for Paula Hurd Wife instead of Paula Hurd’s husband. 

Some people also criticized the couple. Many people are also making fun of Paula Hurd and Bill Gates. Go through our “Social Media Sites Links” section for recent updates about this sensational news. 

Paula Hurd Wikipedia:

Full Name  Paula Kalupa 
Birth Year 1962
Age 2023 60 years 
Birth Place  United States of America 
Profession  Event planner
Marital Status  Widow
Spouse Name Mark Vincent Hurd 
Nationality  American 

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The Final Discussion:

Paula Hurd is now working as an event manager at Club 27. In NCR Corporation, Paula Hurd worked as an executive before. Click on the link to get more details about the death news of Paula Hurd’s husband.

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Paula Hurd Net Worth– FAQ Section:

Q.1 How old is Paula Hurd?

Ans. 60.

Q.2 When did Paula Hurd’s husband die?

Ans. 18th October 2019.

Q.3 Is Paula in a relationship with Bill Gates?

Ans. Yes 

Q.4 From when Paula and Bill Gates are in a relationship?

Ans. One year.

Q.5 Who are the daughters of Paula?

Ans. Kathryn and Kelly.

Q.6 What is Paula’s religion?

Ans. Christian.

Q.7 From which college Paula graduated?

Ans. The University of Texas. 

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