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Paul Whelan Reddit: What Post Made By Brittney Griner For Prisoner? What Words Said By President For His Detained? Read Wikipedia To Know About Wife, Family & Age!

The below post helps you in getting the details to the recent release debacle of Brittney Griner and other information about Paul Whelan Reddit.

Are you aware of the release of Brittney Griner by the Russian government? Why did she become a trending topic on the internet recently? People are very much involved with the news that came out recently that Brittney, who was arrested by the Russian system, was released simultaneously, questioning why she was not Paul Whelan released. 

Paul is trending in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Let us get into further details of the Paul Whelan Reddit and Brittney Griner case and the release of the said individuals. Stay tuned for more information. 


What was the People’s response to Brittney Griner’s release?

Critics claimed Brittney’s release was unfair to Paul and that the officials did not put enough effort into getting him released from Russia. People on social media platforms very intensely criticized the system. 

On Thursday, 8th December 2022, Prisoner Whelan also expressed his disappointment with the US system that not enough had been done for his release. People demanded that in the condition, Paul should also be included along with Brittney. 

What is the government’s statement on Paul? 


What is the government's statement on Paul

Upon celebrating Brittney’s release, the president of U. S Joe Biden, said it was a long battle they won, and they would not stop until Paul was also with his family safety. The secretary of the administration conducted a press conference stating it was not a matter of whom to be released; it was either one or none. 

President Biden said that Paul was wrongfully Detained, and for unknown reasons, they are treating him unfairly and differently from others. 

Who is Paul Whelan? 

Paul is a 52-year-old, a former U. S marine and is currently a director of the global security company BorgWarner. Paul was arrested by Russia for espionage and imprisoned by the system for the last four years. The charges were said to be baseless according to Paul’s family and U.S. government. 

Paul was arrested in Moscow in December 2018. As per the media reports, both Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner were arrested, but Brittney was released in exchange for Viktor Bout, an arms dealer serving a sentence for 25 years in U.S. Viktor is also given the nickname of ‘Merchant of death. 

Who is Brittney Grinder? 

Brittney is a famous basketball player who was caught in the airport for carrying cannabis oil. Later, she was also arrested by the Russian administration for Narcotics consumption. 

What was Paul Whalen’s brother’s statement? 

Paul’s brother expressed his happiness over Brittney’s release and said he is thankful to the US administration for the efforts they have put in releasing her. David said he was informed that Paul would not be released with Brittney. 

Paul Whelan Wikipedia:

  • Age52
  • Name: Paul Whelan 
  • Profession: Former marine, U.S. 
  • FamilyTwin brother David. 
  • Birthplace: Novi, Michigan. 
  • Detention period: 16 years
  • Charges: Espionage. 
  • Arrest place: Russia. 
  • WifeUnmarried. 

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Final verdict 

The public did not warmly accept Griner’s release because of Paul Whalen’s wrongful detention. People are questioning the administration why Paul is still under arrest and he deserves to be with his family and friends in his country.

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Paul Whelan Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who is Paul Whelan? Where is he imprisoned?

Paul is a former U.S. Marine Corps.

Q2. What did Paul work as at the time of the arrest?

Paul was the director of the BorgWarner security company and worked under a global security IT company.

Q3. What was Paul’s statement after Brittney’s release?

Paul stated that he is disappointed that the system did not put enough effort into his release.

Q4. How old is Paul Whelan?

Reportedly, Paul is 52 years old.

Q5. Under what charges was Paul imprisoned in Russia?

Russia arrests Paul under espionage charges.

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