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Paul Whelan Dishonorable Discharge: What Charges Made To Marine Against Bad Conduct? Curious To Check Full Wiki! Checkout Complete Data!

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Who is Paul Whelan? Why is Paul Whelan imprisoned? Did he commit any severe crime? Is he an ex-marine officer? Why did he face dishonorable discharge? This article will convey all the necessary information on Paul Whelan. 

Also, the readers can find the United States government’s reaction to Paul Whelan’s arrest.

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Why was Whelan rejected for the Prisoner’s swap?

Paul Whelan was not recently included in the Prisoner swap activity with Russia. The US government speculated the return of Paul Whelan for Maria Butina from Russia, a gun activist. She was imprisoned in the US in December 2018 and deported back to Russia in October 2019.  

A Twitter post by Benny Johnson states that President Biden chose Brittney Grinner in the prisoner swap over Paul Whelan.

Whelan’s clarification on the matter

The Ex-Marine officer Whelan stated that he was in Russia to attend a friend’s wedding, and he knew that the flash drive contained some holiday photos he had received.

Who is Paul Whelan?

Paul Whelan was born in a British family in Canada and then shifted to the US during his childhood. The military records clearly show that Paul Whelan served in the US marine in 1994.  He worked in the 2000s as an IT project manager for Kelly Services Company.

He again joined the marines in 2004 and then in 2006. In 2008, Paul was discharged from the Marines for his Bad Conduct. His rank was downgraded to corporal as he was found guilty of cheque bounce and attempted theft of around $10,000 during his office. The appropriate social media access links are given below.

More details on Whelan’s professional life

According to various reports, Paul Whelan served the Kelly services company after his dishonorable discharge and got a promotion in 2010. In 2016 he left the company and became the director for global security in a US-based company. 

It was an Automobile component distributor company. The company disclosed that it didn’t have any facilities in Russia.

Whelan’s Wiki details

The below table shows the required personal life details of Paul Whelan.

Real Name Paul Nicholas Whelan.
Known Name       Paul Whelan.
Profession       Ex- Marine officer.
Date Of Birth 05.03.1970.
Birth Place Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Marital Status Not known.
Spouse Unavailable.
Nationality American, British, Canadian and Irish.
High School Huron High School.
Age 52 Years.
Detained  28.12.2018.
Convicted for Espionage
Charge 16 years.
Detained by Russia.

Why is Whelan imprisoned?

Paul Whelan was detained by the Federal Security Service of Russia on 28th December 2018 at the Metropol Hotel room in Moscow. He is currently facing Charges of 16 years imprisonment under the IK-17 penal colony of the Mordovia region, located in east Moscow. 

The Russian investigators state that Paul Whelan is a spy working for military intelligence and holding the rank of Colonel or any higher post. Evidence shows that he was caught with a flash drive that contained highly classified information.

Social media


Paul Whelan’s family members criticize the US government on the Prisoner’s swap for choosing Brittney Grinner over Whelan. 

What are your opinions for this swap? Please comment. 

Paul Whelan Dishonorable Discharge-FAQs

Q1. Why was Paul Whelan discharged from military service?

He was caught for bad conduct during his marine service.

Q2. What is Paul’s age?

52 years.

Q3. Who is Paul Whelan’s wife?

Details are not available.

Q4. Is Paul Whelan still in Russia?

Paul is still detained in Russia.

Q5. Where is Paul Whelan from?

He is from Canada.

Q6. Who are Paul Whelan’s parents?

Not known.

Q7. Who is Paul’s twin brother?

David Whalen.

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