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Paul Thijssen Instagram: Details On Facebook, Sydney, Hockey, Parents, LinkedIn!

Learn more about the LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, parents, and hockey details of Paul Thijssen Instagram from Syndey in an elaborative manner.

Have you heard of the recent horror killing of a water polo coach by her ex-boyfriend? Then you must have definitely known about Paul Thijssen Instagram details, which are going viral all over Australia and the Netherlands.

Who is Paul Thijssen, and why is he hitting the news article everywhere? In order to know the full details about this man, one needs to read the full article without fail.

Paul Thijssen Instagram

Paul Thijssen is a 24-year-old Netherlands sports coach who has been under the radar of police officials for killing his colleague and former girlfriend, Lilie James. Lilie James, the 21-year-old water polo coach, was brutally killed with a hammer, and her dead body was found at her workplace, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School. Both Paul and Lilie worked for the school as sports coaches. Police officials are suspecting Paul as the real killer, so Paul Thijssen Facebook details are under the police radar. But currently, we couldn’t find the Instagram profile of Paul. There are so many Paul Thijssen professionals popping up, but none of them belong to the culprit, Paul.

Paul Thijssen Facebook

As Australian police officials are sincerely searching for Paul Thijssen, all his social media accounts have become trending ones. We have also found his Facebook account, and the links have been attached below.

In addition to that, recently, police recovered another body near Diamond Bay in the Vaucluse area. Now, the police officials are suspecting Paul Thijssen Sydney and his linkage with the recent death body, as it appeared to be 11km away from Paul’s workplace. Hence, police officials are searching for Paul for the deaths of two people, but Paul Thijssen has escaped from the scene. If he hasn’t killed these people, he doesn’t have to hide himself.

Paul Thijssen Sydney

Paul Thijsse worked as a sports coach at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, which is located in Syndey, so basically Paul is from the Sydney region, and the killing of Lillie James and the recovered dead body were found in Sydney. That’s why this keyword has been trending recently.

Paul Thijssen Hockey

Paul Thijssen is a hockey coach who worked at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School. Since childhood, Paul has developed a greater interest in hockey, even though he served as a hockey captain during his high school days. Thus, it helped him to take hockey as his career option as well. Paul Thijssen Hockey talent and skills are highly appreciable, but his way of teaching the students was highly discriminatory. When the police officials asked students of Paul’s, most of the boys shared their bitter experiences while the girls showered him with good feedback, so Paul used to be very friendly towards female students only.

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Paul Thijssen Parents

The parents of Paul Thijssen are corporate leaders who used to travel back and forth to the Netherlands and Sydney. There weren’t any further details released regarding the parents of Paul. But upon hearing the death news of Paul’s colleague Lillie, everyone started to question Paul Thijssen Parents and their parenting styles because Paul was on the verge of killing his ex-girlfriend just because she had ended her relationship with him. Sometimes all the actions of child depend on the parenting style, right?

Paul Thijssen LinkedIn

Most of the information about Paul has been leaked from his LinkedIn profile. According to his profile, Paul studied at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School for the years 2015–2017; in the meantime, he became the sports assistant for the same school. Then, in the year 2018, Paul attended Utrecht University. After that, Paul became a sports coach at his school itself.

Social media links

Linkedin: (15) Paul Thijssen | LinkedIn

Facebook: (20+) Paul Thijssen | Facebook


Thus, in this article, we have discussed Paul Thijssen LinkedIn and similar other details. Even though the police officials didn’t collect any solid evidence against Paul, most people suspect Paul for the death of Lillie. We hope that police officers will rush up to find the real culprit and put them behind bars.

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