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Paul Silas Wife: How He Died? Know His Cause of Death! Does He Have A Son? Was He A Coach? Curious To Know Age & Net Worth? Read Wiki Here!

The article gives you the proper report of Paul Silas Wife and also depicts the basic facts and data of Pual Silas in straightforward ways.

Do you know Paul Silas? The famous basketball players in the United States? Paul Silas died on 11 December 2022 (Sunday). Silas’s family has confirmed the death news of Silas. But surprisingly, no death cause was revealed by the family members. 

In the meanwhile, many people are searching to find out Paul Silas WifeLet’s focus on this matter. 


Disclaimer: We don’t promote this kind of death news. But as Paul Silas is a very famous sports personality, we just use it as news or information. You can also learn more about him by checking the social media links. 

What Do You Know about Paul’s Wife?

The name of Paul’s wife is Carolyn Silas. As per the report, we find a short description of her. Carolyn stays out of public life and media coverage like other celebrities’ wives. But while we search for Carolyn, we find that she is a very down-to-earth personality. We also find that Paul and Carolyn have three children living in Charlotte. 

Cause of Death of Paul

Many people are asking and want to know about the cause of the death of Paul Silas. But Paul’s death reason is still unknown. We can’t comment on this until we receive any medical report. At the time of death, Paul’s Age was 79 years. 

After Paul’s death, many people try to find his official obituary, but we see nothing on the internet. On the other hand, his family hasn’t announced his funeral and cremation until now. 

Paul’s Career After Player

We all know after finishing his playing career, Paul joined as a Coach. He was appointed with San Diego Clippers. Paul was associated with this team from 1980 to 1983. Later he joined the New Jersey Nets as an assistant coach for just one season (1988 to 1989). 

After the Nets campaign, he joined another New York team, the New York Knicks, in 1989. Paul worked as an assistant coach with this team from 1989 to 1992. 

Family Members

Paul was happily married to Carolyn. Paul was the father of his only Son Stephen. But we need more information about Stephen. 

What Do You Know about Paul’s Career?

Paul Silas was a famous basketball player and NBA coach. Paul was a student at Creighton University, where he started playing basketball. Soon after this talent, we became a member of the basketball team. 

After finishing university, he started playing with the St Louis Hawks in 1964. Gradually, Paul reached his pick and later, his name was associated with the NBA All-Rookie Team. As a player, Paul won the three-championship ring as well. 

Paul Silas Wiki Report

  • Full Name/Real Name- Paul Theron Silas 
  • Nick Name- Paul 
  • Profession- Basketball Player and Coach
  • Date of Birth- 12 July
  • Birth Place- no data
  • Partner’s name- no data
  • Wife’s Name- Carolyn Silas 
  • Zodiac Sign- Cancer 
  • Net Worth- 5 million USD
  • Religion- Christianity 

Other Information about Paul

We clearly need help finding the ethnicity of Paul Silas. And we need to see Paul’s parents and his childhood days. After retirement, Paul lived with his family and Died last Sunday. 

Social Media Links

We find the social media links that carry Paul’s demised news. 




Paul Silas was a great player and coach in the field of basketball. You can also learn more about him by checking this video.

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Paul Silas Wife– FAQ

1) Who was Paul Silas?

He was a basketball player.

2) From which university he studied?

Creighton University. 

3) What was his birth year?


4) Who is Carolyn Silas?

Paul’s wife.

5) What was the age of Paul?

79 years.

6) What was his net Worth?

5 million USD.

7) When did he died?

11 December 2022.

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