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Patrick Wojahn Wikipedia: Is He Married? Who Is His Wife? Check Full Information On Arrest Case

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College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn was arrested on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Are you searching for the details behind the allegations? Do you look for complete information about Patrick? People in the United States surf the internet to learn about his details. 

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Why did College Park Mayor Patrick get arrested?

Patrick Wojahn, mayor of College Park, Maryland arrested for creating and sharing offensive pictures of child on social media. The mayor was held by Prince George County Police department on Thursday in the house. The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children organization complained on February 17, 2023, about major illegal actions harming children’s security.

Patrick Wojahn is a member of the Democratic Party; the police have investigated through various investigating techniques and caught him with proof. The police have collected two dozen videos of child, multiple cell phones, a tablet, a storage device, and a computer. 

Along with videos and inappropriate images of young boys performing unethical acts. Patrick used Kik, social media app for sharing offensive videos. In the mid of January, Patrick was involved in the act. Officers issued a warrant to Kik to hand over the shared information related to Patrick. Being Democrat, Patrick Wojahn attended Tuesday’s White House South Lawn meeting. In the write-up, we share information from various trusted online sources.

What are the charges held on Patrick?

As per sources, Patrick shared 15 child-offensive videos on the Kik app. The politician was punished with multiple counts for his various crimes. Patrick was punished with 56 counts of child videos, 40 counts for possessing child explosive materials, and 16 counts for distributing.

Who is Patrick’s Wife?

After blowing out the crime news of mayor Patrick, people search for his details. We found in our search he got married to an employee of Hubbard Radio Washington DC, who owns WTOP.

What is Patrick’s education?

Patrick Wojahn completed a Bachelor of Arts in International relations between Germany and Russia. After a fulfilling University of Wisconsin -Madison degree, he pursued law at the Georgetown University Law center.

Patrick appeared in a White House meeting session held on Tuesday. Patrick attended with Dave Kolesar, a senior broadcast engineer at WTOP. The couple attends to rejoice in the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act into law by the United States President.

The couple fought to earn marriage equality since 2004 and rejoiced in the awaited moment, but the recent arrest of Patrick left them in vain. The couple fought for marriage in Maryland. Patrick and Dave have filed a lawsuit to get into a relationship officially. Later, when Maryland considered out-of-state marriage, the couple Married in 2011 D.C. The state made marriage legal.

Patrick Wojahn’s arrest has left College Park people in shock and surprise. Citizens are let unbelievable to hear the reason behind the arrest. Kik app has approached the National organization for children and complained about Patrick’s illegal activities.

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Patrick Wojahn Wikipedia FAQS

Q1. Who is Patrick Wojahn?

Patrick Wojahn was the mayor of College Park, Maryland.

Q2. Why did Patrick arrest?

Patrick created and shared an offensive video of children.

Q3. When did the police arrest?

On Thursday, March 2, 2023.

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