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The article highlights all the details of Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia and the history of how he fathered two hundred children, and why he was known as the slave breeder.

Have you heard of Pata Seca? Some stories have come up from history about a man known as Roque Jose Florencio, a slave breeder. People from India and the United States are surprised to know about him and eager to get more details on Pata Seca.

In this article, we will discuss all the details about Pata Seca Slave Wikipediaand try to provide all the information about his life.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the feelings and sentiments of people associated with the information, and the news is extracted from online sources.

Who is Pata Seca?

Pata Seca is one of the most remembered figures in history. The struggle and heart shape he went through provides a deep knowledge of all his resilience and the difficulties of the enslaved person during the era of slavery. He is known to be the father of approximately 200 children. 

A total of 30% of the population is his own. As per further reports, he was forced to have physical relations with all the slave women, and they gave birth to approximately 200 children.

Details on Pata Seca Slave Breeder

The dark era of slavery in Brazil is a long story to recall, and one of the horrific practices that followed during that time was the practice of slave breeders. Pata was obliged to have relationships with all the enslaved women, and during that course, he became a father to almost 200 children. 

There was also a superstitious belief that a tall man with thin cars was most likely to produce male children, and it was profitable during those times to produce male children.

Pata Seca Slave Story

Pata was 2.18 meters tall and was the exact person to be a breeder and a perfect man for the designation. His story is inspiring; he was enslaved for 1:30 years and was a father to over 200 children.

He was born in the 19th century and became a renowned figure in Brazil.

People still talk about him and discuss their past and slavery history. He was known for his thin legs; pata seca means dry legs.

Number of Pata Seca Children Known

Roque Jose was a father to more than 200 children, and it is believed that he enjoyed his position as an enslaved person because he did not have to work in the fields and neither lived with the other enslaved people.

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Roque Jose Florencio had a good relationship with his owner and was interested in all the responsibilities of delivering mail and taking care of the animal farm. Those interested to know more about his past life and struggles can visit online websites to know about him.

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Pata Seca Slave Wikipedia-FAQs

Q1. What is Pata Seca’s original name?

Roque Jose Florencio.

Q2. Where was he born?


Q3. Did he get married?

Yes, he got married to the woman whom he met while doing his work.

Q4. What was his wife’s name?


Q5. How many children did the couple share?

They had nine children together. 

Q6. How was the life of Pata Seca?

His life was filled with struggles and problems.

Q7. What is his date of birth?

We have no details about his date of birth yet.

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