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{Full Watch} Paris Harvey Video Leaked On Twitter: Is Video On Tiktok, Youtube, Telegram

We informed the readers of the Paris Harvey Video Leaked on Twitter as it is a trending video on Youtube, Telegram, and Tiktok

Do you remember the unfortunate event of Paris and Kuaron Harvey? This incident gave goosebumps to everyone who watched Paris Harvey Video Leaked on Twitter on the online platforms. Moreover, this video gained the attention of the people Worldwide who use social media. Thus, here we will review some interesting facts about this incident.

Latest Paris Harvey video On Instagram Live! 

As per online sources, a video was trending online in which two young kids can be seen coming live on IG. The first child is Paris Harvey who is only 12 years old while the other child is Kuaron Harvey who is 15 years old and the cousin of Paris Harvey. This Telegram video surfaced on many online sites. In the video, the younger child, Paris holds the firearm and by mistake shoots it at Kuaron Harvey. It was all recorded on the live video of IG and went viral all around the world.

Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey: Complete Facts On The Incident! 

As per online sources, Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey are the cousins who had joined a live IG video. They went live on the accounts on IG. However, that day was a nightmare for both of them as it turned into an unfortunate event. People are making controversies about this unfortunate event on Youtube and other sources. 

People had shown their sorrow and anger for this incident. Their live on IG channel was joined by many people and when Paris shot Kuaron, it was watched by many people who were present on the live video of Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey

DISCLAIMER: We cannot share the original video of this shooting as it is a disturbing video and may have an adverse effect on the people. Also, no social media accounts of these two children were found. Moreover, we are not supporting this act rather this post is for informative purposes.

The Reaction of People On Tiktok and Other Channels! 

People were shocked when they learned about this horrific accident. They joined the live to see the children, but they were not expecting what happened during the live. People were shocked, angry, and in sorrow after they witnessed the video on Youtube

There were mixed reactions from the people on this viral video. Everyone had distinct ideologies on the incident. As per sources, somebody blamed social media authorities for letting this incident happen. However, it is a foolishness to pass on faults to others. 

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Ways to Avoid such acts as shown on the Telegram viral video!

As we discussed people were shocked to know about this incident. As per sources, such accidents by young children can be avoided by keeping them under good surveillance. Parents or elders should not hand over harmful tools to their kids.

This Tiktok viral video also suggested that young children should limit the use of social media and authorities must monitor the accounts and activities of young people. As per sources, even some people blame the official authorities of Instagram, but the elders should guide their children and prevent them from using such tools.


Summing up this post, we guided the readers on the viral video of Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey. We hope that the facts in this viral video are helpful. 

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