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[Full Watch Video] Papa De Cookie Puente Video Twitter: Reddit, Tiktok, Telegram Details!

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Have you heard of the social media celebrity named Cookie Puente? Then, do you spend your precious time watching her latest video about the death of her father?

If not, we will explain the Papa de Cookie Puente Video Twitter news that is going viral in Mexico like wildfire. Because Puente lost her father and it was a brutal death, she used the TikTok platform to see justice, and here in this article, we are going in-depth to state the absolute truth behind the incident.

About Papa de Cookie Puente Video Twitter

Cookie Puente is a social media star from the Mexico region who used to entertain people with her acting and POV videos. But her recent video was completely different from her usual video because she cried her heart out about the death of her father and asked for justice for her father. 

That video went viral on TikTok and is currently available on the Twitter platform. It was a 1.55-second video, but that video will bring tears to our eyes.

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In that video, she also shared that her father died on November 26, 2023, and he was brutally beaten to death. Hence, Cookie Puente decided to seek justice, so she uploaded the video. 

About Papa de Cookie Puente Video Twitter

Cookie Puente on the Reddit platform

The death news of her father spread all over the news platform; the heartfelt video of Cookie Puente is not available on the Reddit platform.

 There is no feed related to the Cookie Puente video. So, readers, kindly don’t search for her video on this Reddit platform. While sharing that video, Cookie Puente revealed that her father was a great musician and loved playing guitar. The way she shared her memories seemed to be a heartbreaking one.

The TikTok Star video and outcomes

After the release of her video, it went viral and reached police officials as well. On December 6, 2023, the police officials captured the culprits who were behind the death of her father, and those details were released on the YouTube platform as well.

On the day of Cookie Puente’s father’s death, his car was in a minor accident with Jesús Andrés’s car. Upon accident, both of them went into a severe argument after Jesus and his son beat Cookie’s father to death. A minor accident looks into the life of a person. 

The TikTok Star video and outcomes

Instagram feed loaded with Cookie Puente

Currently, the images of the culprits who killed Cookie Puente are going viral on this platform. All thanks to the Mexican police for their quick action against the criminals. But the father and son were imprisoned; the court has ordered them to be put behind bars for 3 months, and after an investigation, the jail sentence may increase. 

This news was shared on Youtube by the police officials. As Cookie Puente is a social media celebrity, many fellow YouTubers joined hands to support Cookie by publishing the death story of her father.

Can we see the video on Youtube?

Yes, the heartfelt video of Cookie and the investigation updates regarding her father are available on this platform. Even some channels shared the thick relationship Cookie has with her father. Many Mexican YouTubers came forward to discuss it.

Cookie in Telegram

The Cookie Puente video is not available on this platform. We weren’t able to see the channel in the name of cookie. So, readers couldn’t see her videos on this platform, for sure.

The Life of Cookie Puente

Cookie Puente is of Spanish ancestry, and her real name is Carmen Puente. Since childhood, Carmen has developed a very thick relationship with her father and she shared this data on social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Carmen’s father was an astrologer, entrepreneur, musician, guitarist, engineer, announcer, and boxer. The sweet thing is that her father tried to teach Carmen everything. So, currently, she has become the all-rounder.

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Papa de Cookie Puente Video Twitter has burdened our hearts. Currently, the culprits are behind bars, but the little girl has lost her father forever. But thankfully, her video went viral and forced police officials to take action immediately.

Can you share your kind words with Carmen? Use the comment section, please.

Disclaimer: The updates shared regarding the death of the tiktoker’s father are true and verified.

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