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Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Caffeine: Details On Death Of Student, And Lawsuit

Our research on Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Caffeine talks about the Lawsuit against Panera Bread and the Death of a student.

Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Caffeine 

Did you know about the Panera Bread case? Last year, this outlet was trending after a student died. Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Caffeine talks about the updates on the amount of caffeine that must be taken by an individual. We will also discuss the death of a student whose death created controversy in the United States. So, please go through this post to know more. 

About Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Caffeine

According to the latest reports, the FDA department talks about the amount of caffeine that a grownup could take normally. The reports discussed that a normal grownup can take 400 mg per day while a pregnant woman can take 200 mg per day of caffeine. This came to light after a student died after drinking a heavily caffeinated drink from Panera Bread. 

Charged Lemonade Panera Death

As per online sources, a student, Sarah Katz, suffering from a heart disorder, and Long QT syndrome, died on September 10, 2022, after she had a heavily caffeinated drink from Panera Bread without knowing the content of caffeine. A lawsuit has been filed against Panera Bread in Philadelphia court by her parents.

Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Lawsuit

As per the sources, the lawsuit was filed against Panera Bread after the death of the student. Sarah Katz who was only 21 passed away last year after she drank the caffeinated drink. The sources revealed that their marketing did not tell the right amount of caffeine added to the drink and misguided the people.

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Panera Bread Lawsuit Charged Lemonade: Legal Complaint! 

The legal complaint was lodged against the Panera Bread. In the complaint, it was revealed that the drink that Sarah had was not advertised as an energy drink and was offered next to less caffeinated drinks. It showed that the advertisement was misleading to the customers as they did not know the right amount of caffeine in it.

Death of Student! 

The Charged Lemonade Panera Death case created a controversy among the people after they learned about the death of a young student. Sarah had a cardiac arrest after taking a drink in the restaurant. It was found that she died after she had a second cardiac arrest. She had ordered Charged Lemonade and did not know the correct amount of caffeine in the drink. As per sources, her parents filed a Panera Bread Charged Lemonade Lawsuit as they blamed the company for false advertisement and hiding the actual content of ingredients used in their drinks. The team of Panera Bread had assured to do a proper investigation on the matter and find out the root cause. 


Summing up this post, we have shared the details on the death case of Sarah Katz after taking the charged lemonade drink from Panera Bread. We hope that the details shared in this post will help you to know the important details regarding the lawsuit filed against Panera Bread. In case of any further updates, we will update you all.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not aim to target anyone in this case. We have only provided information based on the latest updates on this matter. We request you to refer to this post for general educational purposes. In case of more details, we will update you all.

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