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Panda Inu Coin {Aug 2021} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction!

Panda Inu Coin {Aug 2021} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction! >> This article provides you detail of the price, market statistics and latest updates of a cryptocurrency.

Are you thinking to invest your funds? Are you dealing with trading in the share market? Trading is done by all over now a day. It doesn’t seem easy to trade; it would be easy to handle trading’s after clear concepts. Our article Panda Inu Coin will help you to clear all doubts. Likewise, Cryptocurrency is blooming vastly.

People from the Nigeria, India and the United States want to know about the token. So, let’s jump and start.

About Panda Coin:

This coin is a giant meme token promoted by two crypto communities globally, Etherconnect and EIFI. It is a non-governance token. It is considered the future of the BSC ecosystem and wallets. It supports panda wallet with NFT farming.

  • It will be launched on Binance smart chain.
  • Fully decentralised.
  • Cryptocurrency- community-based.
  • Fully meme token.
  • Safest all around the Defi world.

Founder of Panda Inu Coin:

PandaInu is known as the community-driven Dapp token which is proposed by the core team of the Etherconnect. PandaInu found to be an improve on Dogecoin and ShibaInu with improved transaction speeds and other features. It is developed on the Binance Smart Chain, where users can leverage cheaper transaction fees on its ecosystem. It will be soon launch in Aug 2021.

More about this coin:

There are various level of income. The wallet helps to protect transactions and assets. There are various platforms like Trust and Dapp wallets. It has a community of over a million members

  • It is BEP -20 Token.
  • The users will get cheaper fees for the transactions on this ecosystem.
  • The Panda Inu Coin will be added to the Credit card payment facility.
  • The users can purchase cryptocurrency directly from EIFI finance.
  • Long term holders will be rewarded for holding portfolios.

Total Supply:

The total supply is 475 billion. It has been divided into four segments. The 60% supply for sale, for Airdrop 10%, for team 20%, and remaining 10% to marketing. The potential will be 1000x coin.

They will make a sale in 4 rounds.

  • First private round – 200 billion with token price $0.000050.
  • Second private round-50 billion with token price $0.000100.
  • Third private round- 25 billion with token price $0.000200.
  • Public sale- 10 billion $0.000500.
  • Listing price: 
  • $0.002500.

We have outlined information on Panda Inu Coin in our article.

  • Expected listing month:  September or October.


The study suggests that it will reach the milestone with the industry. It will have more than 1,50,000 holders after a launch. It will be partnered with the top exchange. In addition, they can launch new products. It is a powerful currency in the community. The traders will get time-to-time updates from social media pages like Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Facebook, telegram group, and discord.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the official website of Panda Inu Token?

A1. The official website of this coin is https://etherconnect.site/register/Pw39uiJmCz.

Customer Reviews:

It is observed that the investors have expressed about the Panda Inu Coin. Few traders expressed it as good and will launch with 100X because of efficient management. Few mentioned it as excellent project and the best crypto coins in the future. Looking on reviews of the traders, it seems it will trade on higher side.

Final Verdict: 

The presale will be open on the website soon. The presale will have a minimum price. It is advised to purchase it at the presale. The traders will gain in the future. The project has been planned more efficiently and effectively. They have provided the necessary information to the traders. The news has become viral on social media.

As per our research, the Panda Inu Coin will be launched in the coming months. Would you please visit the link to know about the Cryptocurrency?

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