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P2e Token {Aug 2021} Contact Address, Price, How To Buy?

P2e Token {Aug 2021} Contact Address, Price, How To Buy? >> The article gives details about a game cryptocurrency that people can use in the game and real-life trading.

The gaming world has evolved a lot in the past years, with players increasing every day. The digital platform has always provided new ways for players to evolve and upgrade their position in the game by using currencies. In the present scenario, the use of cryptocurrencies in the gaming world has become popular. One such game cryptocurrency is P2e Token

This cryptocurrency is used by gamers worldwide and specifically in the Philippines for a defence strategy game called Plant2Earn. The players can use this cryptocurrency, the native currency of the game, to upgrade and evolve.

What is Plant2Earn currency?

Plant2Earn is a defence strategy online game that is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It is a part of the NFT gaming, and the players need to collect these tokens or game currencies to move further ahead. The cryptocurrency Plant2earn Token is an integral part of the game that the players need to collect and store and later can also earn from it by trading it as a cryptocurrency.

Founder’s Details:

To provide the complete details of this game cryptocurrency, we looked into the founder and the team that has brainchild this crypto token development and establishment. This is a part of Gala Games, a part of Blockchain gaming, which Zynga Inc. founds and Eric Schiermeyer as the co-founder. The first thing known about this crypto is that the P2e Token is an integral part of the online game Plant2Earn.

Price Details of the Crypto Token:

The price detail of any cryptocurrency is of utmost importance. Therefore, one must be aware of the price details of any cryptocurrency before investing in it and making transactions, as it helps to understand the market trend and the future market value. 

Upon research, it has been found that the current price of this game crypto token is $21.84, with an all-time high of $22.79 and an all-time low of $17.37.

Market Price of Plant2earn Token:

  • The logo of the crypto token is as same as the logo of the game. Picture of various plants and Plant2Earn.
  • The market cap of this game cryptocurrency is absent along with its Market Cap Rank.
  • The Market Cap Dominance is 0.00%
  • The trading volume of the cryptocurrency is $3,715,455.
  • It has a circulating supply of 0 P2E coins with a total supply of just 1 million.
  • The Token has, according to research, 328,979 transfers and 4,786 holders’ addresses, mostly in the Philippines.

How to buy the P2e Token:

  • The interested buyer should first begin with getting Binance Money or BNB, select crypto purchase, and then choose BNB.
  • After evaluating, if the buyer is satisfied, can proceed to PancakeSwap (v2) (2) and select TokenToken.
  • All that needs to be done is to use the BNB and trade for this particular Token.


Q1. What is the Official Site of the crypto token?

A1. The Official Site is (

Q2. Where is the contact address of this crypto?

A2. 0x8461708744dab03391961d72ddd72e6687f478f2 is the contact address.

Q3. What is the social media presence and Email support?

A1. ( is the Twitter handle, and ( is the Email support.


To conclude about P2e Token, our final thought would be that the buyers or traders of this game cryptocurrency need to be vigilant and go through all the information available about a particular cryptocurrency. These are subjected to market risks, and only the current information needs to be followed. You should check What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency. Click here  

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