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Ovl Token (September 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Are you looking for the newest updates of the Overlord World game, such as Ovl Token? Then, read this article for extra cues.

Have you ever heard of a token that will assist you during a reward’s redemption in-game? Then you are at the right destination. 

A game, Overlord World, has acquired much recognition from the people of Venezuela and Argentina. So, through this post, we will examine the game’s token, which will help you receive few rewards to sustain long in the game. We have found two tokens, namely Overlay Protocol and Overlord World, with the same ticker symbol OVL. 

Let us initiate our discussion on Ovl Token to unfold more facts about it. 

What is an Overlord Game?

It is a third-person action and adventure-based game, which was evolved by Codemasters and developed under Triumph Studios. In this game, you have to play the role of a warrior or simply as The Overlord. You can take help from the pets called minions, which help you to defeat your competition. 

Moreover, the main agenda of this game is that you have to kill all the seven corrupt ruling kings to take over the land. 

Introducing Ovl Token

In the game, there are two types of the token present, of which this can be obtained by different modes such as by fighting or farming. 

Moreover, it is seen that the token is beneficial while playing the game on mobile phones. In short, this token can be used as a reward in the game Overlord World. 

Let us dig more about the token, including its founder details and market rank. 

Founders’ Details

Upon researching, we have not gathered detailed information regarding the Ovl Token founder, but it is noticed that the game Overlord World has been expanded by Codemasters.

Other Statistical Data

Token’s name  Overlord World 
Ticker symbol  OVL
Total supply  10,000,000 OVL
Network  Binance Smart Chain
Fully diluted market cap  Unavailable 
Decimals 18
Market rank Not available 

Some More Facts Of the Token 

In the PvP mode, you can gain the token by participating in in-game challenges and quests. Moreover, if you want to achieve the Ovl Token, then you have to own a pet. 

After receiving the pet, a player can participate in the battle against another. However, to complete the challenges, the player has to defeat others in the dramatic battles, upon winning of which, the token will be automatically credited to the account. 

The Usefulness of the Token 

After obtaining the token, you can trade them in the Lord market, which means other players can purchase them for rewards and boosters. 

How Can Worldwide Traders Gain This Token?

Ovl Token can be purchased by different exchange platforms such as PancakeSwap. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Market Rank of the OVL?

A1. The market rank of the token is unavailable. 

Q2. What is the Total Supply of the token?

A3. Token’s total supply is 10,000,000 OVL

Q2. What is the Contract Address of the Overlord Token?

A2. The contract address is 0x9f3c31f32182564d8bd0c8d7e413e2368bbdc1cc. Visit here if you want to know more details of the token


We have determined some important facts of Ovl Token and its other statistical data through this post. However, when we reviewed the token, it highlighted two tokens against a single ticker symbol. 

Thus, we have considered OVL as the symbol of the Overlord World token. The step to earn the token is explained thoroughly in the article. Visit here to know about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.  

What are your thoughts on the token? Warmly write your kind words in the comment box.

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