OSRS Subscription Price Has Increased 

OSRS Subscription Price Has Increased 

OSRS Gold: Again for creators, Old School RuneScape has proven very profitable. mostly because numerous players were prepared to pay a little sum each month to have accessibility to the entire game’s material. Nevertheless, the cost of the subscription fee has been increasing for some time.

Although Old School RuneScape has a tonne of content—more than 20 years’ valued are growing increasingly irritated by the rising prices. Jagex increased the cost of subscriptions for Old School RuneScape this month. Even if it isn’t much, it is rising steadily.

Whereas the gameplay is enjoyable, Old School RuneScape’s graphics are not particularly impressive, and the game’s features have not been updated much in recent years. Nevertheless, the creator made this decision in order to maintain the feel of the original game. The additional fees are beginning to compete with those of Final Fantasy XIV and Warcraft.

Some titles are more contemporary and have a considerably greater following than Old School RuneScape, however their pricing have not changed since they were first released. Jagex apparently thinks that the majority of gamers will continue to play the game despite price rises. Or, and this is highly arguable, that the game has a value.

Now, let’s get right to the new pricing adjustments that have occurred.

New Price Change

Before we explain the new pricing, it is essential to note that a RuneScape subscription applies to both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. Therefore, this membership may provide twice as much stuff. Players who only participate in one of these activities, nevertheless, can feel little disappointed.

Prior to the change in price, a RuneScape subscription for one month was $10.99. The price has increased by $1.50 to $12.49. Not everything changed, though—other things also did. The cost of One Bond went up by $1. However, OSRS gold can still be used to purchase securities.

Gamers now only have the alternative of paying for one month, six months, or twelve months after they eliminated the three subscription option. It has experienced some big price increases as well.

Cause for Increase In price 

Among the explanations given for the recent price hike are depreciation, growing capital costs, and currency fluctuations. Although this is completely right, Jagex has made significant profits, hence there is no justification for raising player prices. The decreased pace of upgrades and content releases may be related to the increased cost of the investment.

Player Controversy

Many gamers have expressed their worries publicly. Some people think engineers are arrogant as a result of the opportunity to be. Fans always have plenty to say when a game increases its cost. Each little bit of income contributes in this struggle. Users are dissatisfied that no money from the game’s earnings appears to be returning to it because there is still no user assistance. The rising cost might discourage new participants from engaging in on the enjoyment.

A few gamers have already started selling their OSRS GP. If other folks begin acting in the same way, it might have an impact on the price of OSRS gold.

Players’ concerns are voiced over the Old School RuneScape Reddit and its official forums. Honestly, this won’t change much; the prices have gone up.

History of Price Increases

It is not the first time Jagex has raised the cost of a membership. Throughout the years, the cost of RuneScape subscription has increased repeatedly. Amazingly, it has altered 4 times. Blizzard hasn’t raised the cost of World of Warcraft has since its release in 2004.


In other words, the RuneScape population is getting a little stirred up about the membership price rise from $10.99 to $12.49. Gamers will continue to pay an additional fee even though the price was only raised by $1.50 because the material isn’t coming out any quicker. Online, other gamers have also expressed their worries. Every single year, Jagex has reported excellent earnings and has continued to raise the price. Several individuals believe that they are simply increasing the price so they can. Nevertheless, Jagex bases this on the development expense and depreciation.

What do you think about the price hike for subscriptions? Will it have an impact on the user base and OSRS gold market? Reply below and let us know.

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