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Oshi No Ko Crunchyroll: Where to Watch This Anime Video? Curious To Read Wiki? Check Reddit & Twitter Updated Links Now!

The Oshi No Ko Crunchyroll will discuss the release of this series and will also provide information to watch it legally.

Are you a crazy fan of anime series? Do you wait for every new release? But do you get each update about it? If yes, did you have the Oshi No Ko series reports? Fans of this anime series are looking for the first episode that was launched recently. 

The Oshi No KO series had acquired tremendous hype before its release. Every anime series fans from Worldwide were glued to the internet and were eager to watch it soon. Unfortunately, the Oshi No Ko Crunchyroll release was not done. Do you know why? Read now.


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About Oshi No Ko’s release

On 12th April 2023, Oshi No Ko’s new episodes premiered on the HIDIVE platform. Unfortunately, Crunchyroll subscribers cannot watch it due to no legal access to this series. 

Oshi No Ko’s first episode aired around 11 pm, according to the JST time zone.

Crunchyroll failed to grab access to the Oshi No Ko spring season release of 2023. Hence, Twitter users started questioning this outcome.

What do fans talk about Oshi No Ko HIDIVE release?

Some fans state that HIDIVE is not preferable to them because a Crunchyroll subscription is comparatively affordable. Users of Crunchyroll mention that taking a subscription to HIDIVE for one series is not a fair decision.

Unfortunately, Oshi No Ko’s latest series is officially available on the HIDIVE platform for all international fans. If you are an incredible Oshi No Ko series fan, then you can purchase a subscription to the HIDIVE platform.

Oshi No Ko Anime Where to Watch?

As mentioned, the Oshi No Ko series are available on HIDIVE for all international users. If you are a resident of Japan, then you are lucky. 

The Oshi No Ko anime series is ready to be broadcast on numerous channels in Japan. The channels’ names include Gunma TV, BS 11, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, AT-X, Shizuoka Broadcasting, Sun TV, TV Aichi, Tochigi TV, Chibatere, and more!

The added information we got for our Asian Oshi No ko fans is that it is accessible in ANIPLUS and BiliBili Global. The series is available with English subtitles here.

Oshi No Ko Wiki

The recently premiered series of Oshi No Ko is a television anime series. Doga Kobo produces it. These television series originated from a Japanese Manga series. It was directed by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. These Manga series were released on 23rd April 2020.

We researched further and bought some input from the latest Anime Television series launched on 12th April 2023.

  • Name of the series: Oshi No Ko (My Favorite Idol) 
  • Directed by: Daisuke Hiramaki
  • Music by: Takuro Lga
  • Written by: Jin Tanaka

Reddit users also showed their interest in knowing about this latest launched series.  

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Apart from the Oshi No Ko series, the official Oshi No Ko music video named Yoasobi is taking rounds on the internet. Therefore, numerous people’s curiosity is rising continuously. Unfortunately, the Oshi No Ko Television series are unavailable on the Crunchyroll site.

Did you watch the first episode of Oshi No Ko? Share your feedback in the comments.

Oshi No Ko Crunchyroll –FAQs

Q1. Is Oshi No Ko accessible on the Netflix platform?

It is available only for those who reside in Japan.

Q2. What are the subscription charges of HIDIVE?

4.99 USD for one month

Q3. Is it possible to watch Oshi No Ko in HIDIVE for free? 

Yes, you can unlock a 7-day free trial and watch it. But, there are some terms applied to it.

Q4. Is it worth watching Oshi No Ko? 

Oshi No Ko fans are discussing and praising it on social platforms.

Q5. What is the duration of Oshi No Ko 2023, the first episode? 

90 minute

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