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[Full Video Link] Oruga Video Viral Twitter: Check What Is In The La Oruga Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

The article Oruga Video Viral Twitter has created a lot of buzzes among netizens, and this article will assist with the details of the trending article.

Do you know about the La Oruga Video? Do you know the girl in the La Oruga video? What is the real name of the trending La Oruga dance girl? If you are interested in Oruga Video Viral Twitter, follow this article. People all Worldwide have been curious to find out the details about the girl in the viral video recently. 


Details About Oruga Viral Video Girl

A video has been trending on the internet where a girl grooves to a song sensually and lip-syncing. The song’s name is La Oruga, and the person dancing to the tune of that song is Katherin Barrera. The video of her dancing to a song goes viral as the moves are very sensual (per the reports). Many people on the internet have enjoyed the dance and watched the video repeatedly. 

Disclaimer: Our Website cannot provide any direct link to the Oruga dance video of Katherin Barrera. In addition, the details about her are captured through the internet; we do not make any comments for anyone. 

Details About Viral On Reddit Katherin Barrera

Katherin Barrer recently posted a sensual dance on a caterpillar song that has captured huge attention on every social media platform. Ever since she and her dance moves have been the most talked about thing on the internet. People are trying to search for her on different social media platforms. Her sensual moves have mesmerized many netizens. 

Although, she usually posts her dancing and lip-sync videos. She can be seen grooving sensually in many dance videos. People often claim that this is how she gained her followers and likes. She posted her caterpillar dance video on Tiktok. But no one can disregard the fact that she is an influencer. 

Katherin Barrera Social Media Details 

TikTok Account Link

Katherin Barrera is famously known as ‘Soyloruga’ on social media. One can say Soyloruga is her stage name. Barrera has 1.6 million followers and 23.5 million likes. Her country name is mentioned as Honduras. 

Insta Account Link

Barrera’s account name is ‘Soyloruga’ on Insta as well. She has described herself as a video creator and provided her country name. She has posted 171 posts, and she frequently posts on her account. Katherin has 283 thousand followers, and she follows 1046 people on Instagram.

Additional Details About La Oruga Video

The video does not have any explicit content, but still, the video was disliked by some people. They found Katherin’s dance moves very sensual, but most people liked the dance very much. Everyone mostly likes Barrera’s lip-sync and dance videos. 

Recently, a video that involved some controversy involving Katherin has also gone viral. In the video, a girl can be seen with a man, and she is performing a very explicit and mature act. People on the internet started claiming that it was Katherin, but she recently posted about it and told everyone that she was not in the video spreading on Youtube


The article on the La Oruga dance video girl addressed the most viral video currently. This article will tell the readers about Katherin Barrera, AKA ‘Soyloruga’, and her famous Oruga dance video. She is a well-known social media influencer and posts her dance reels on TikTok. There is no explicit content in the viral dance video. The explicit video is another one, but Katherin is not in that video as people claimed. To watch the video, click here.

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Must Read Updates on La Oruga Video Viral: FAQs

Q1. What is Oruga Viral Video about?

A1. In this video, Katherin Barrera shows her sensual yet cute dance moves.

Q2. Which song is there in the video?

A2. There is a Spanish caterpillar song on which Katherin has grooved in the latest video.

Q3. Who is Katherin Barrera?

A3. Katherin Barrera is a famous social media influencer.

Q4. Where is Katherin from?

A4. The famous TikToker is from the Spanish country Honduras. She has mentioned the information about her country on her TikTok account and Insta. 

Q5. Why is Katherin Barrera famous on Telegram?

A5. Barrera creates dance videos where she dances and lip-syncs to trending or famous songs, tunes or rhythms. Her dance steps are normally sensual. 

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