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This article will give you information about Operation Red Wing Real Footage and why people are demanding it after watching Lone Survivor.

Are you looking for the original video of the Red Wings operation in escalating The Taliban allies? Did you see the Netflix top movie Lone Survivor? Recently people have been looking for the Red Wing Operation’s real footage of the operation day. 

The Netflix movie based on the commandos of the red wing is gaining great popularity from the viewers, and people want to know the actual story. The people of the United States are excited to see the real footage. The dramatic and powerful scenes of the movie engage the audience to check the Operation Red Wing Real Footage. 


Real Footage of Operation RedWing

People are asking for the footage of Operation Red Wing to see the real-time video and how the militants took down the Taliban. Interestingly the official video is available online as multiple news channels uploaded the footage for news purposes. 

As a result, recently, people have been watching the video platform and sharing their opinions about the operation. The RedWing operation aimed to target The Taliban leader and Alice Ahmed Shah, who was known as the mountain tiger. The operation took place in the Kunar province of Afghanistan by four US Navy military officers. 

Operation Red Wing Video

The operation, where he was recorded by multiple localities and militants’ body cam, was later uploaded on social media and news channels. The video involves the 4 militants, Lt. Michael P Murphy, PO2 Danny Dietz, PO2 Matthew Axelson and HM2 Marcus Luttrell. 

Being outnumbered and carrying limited how able to survive the mission. Out of four, Luttrell was the only one who survived the battle. Local villagers and elders of Afghanistan rescue the army man and save him from the Taliban attacks. The video contains shooting scenes and foreign bullets in which people call the lord’s name. 

Operation Red Wing Dead Bodies

The Rescue mission of the commandos of Redmi operation was later converted into Operation Red Wing II. In this operation, the commandos must rescue the lost bodies who have died in the battle. Along with the dead bodies, the surviving member of the SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, was also recovered. 

After approximately 3 weeks, the battle team was completely rescued and returned to the United States. However, the operation was partially successful, but the Taliban Hero Shah was free and brought his other allies to the battlefield. The Netflix movie Lone Survivor contains every aspect of the operation, but people are looking if there’s another part of the movie coming in future.

Operation Red Wing Real Footage: Social Media Link 



Final Verdict 

After watching the Netflix movie Lone Survivor, people are excited to see the full footage of the Red Wing operation. The real footage is available on every social platform, including YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. However, people are greatly influenced by the movie and the official footage of the war.

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Operation Red Wing Real Footage: FAQs

Q1 What is the IMDB rating of Lone Survivor?

The IMDb rating of Lone Survivor is 7.5.

Q2 When was The Lone Survivor released?

The movie was released in 2013.

Q3 When did the Red Wings operation take place?

The operation took place on 27 June 2005.

Q4 Is there any other movie based on the story of Red Wing?

The Fallen Heroes of Operation Red Wings in 2014.

Q5 How many Operation Red Wing Dead Bodies were recovered?

3 US militants’ dead bodies were required as one of them survived.

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