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Opera Shakewin com: Check Shake and Win Opera Mini 2023 Latest Update Here!

In the article, you will learn how to play the Opera Shakewin com contest, redeem various gifts from Shake, and win contests.

Have you heard of Opera’s festive offer of earning huge prizes by shaking the phone? Are you eligible to earn opera prices? How can we participate in a contest if we do not belong to the selected country? Similar questions are rising in people’s minds after discovering the Opera Shakewin contest. 

Millions from South Africa and Nigeria won the greatest reward in the Opera Shakewin contest. Opera users worldwide are downloading the browser to win the price. Stay connected if you want to know more about Opera Shakewin com offer. 


About Shakewin Contest 

The Opera browser has launched a new offer for users to win multiple goodies, smartphones and cash prizes up to 60,000. You can find the contest details on, where you will find three steps to redeem the offer.

First, you must download the Opera browser for your Android mobile devices. Then after downloading the application, you will see a green icon on your screen. You can start shaking your phone by clicking on that green icon, which will flash the price on your screen. 

Opera Shake and Win Promo 

Netizens are asking for a promo code in order to redeem bonus gifts. However, there is no unique promo code to win extra rewards. The shake-in win contest was initially launched in Brazil after successfully downloading 50000 users. Simultaneously during the South African World Cup, the contest went viral in Nigeria and different regions of South Africa.

Recently after the successful outcome of a one-month event from February to March, Shake And Win is again active. The latest contest began from 5 June 2023 to 7 June 2023. You can directly join the contest if you are a pre-user, or else you have to download the Opera browser.

Shake and Win Opera Mini 2023

The exciting opera contest for their users began on 1 Feb 2023 and lasted until March. Multiple opera users have won exciting gifts by redeeming the exciting prize from the contest. In this context, you must hold for the spin and unlock all the boxes to open the reward. 

People are asking whether they can get this tremendous offer and when they contest in the Opera mini. Therefore, it is good news for Opera Mini users that you can also participate in the contest to win exciting gifts and prize money. Opera Mini is the lightest version of the Opera browser and works seamlessly fast. 

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Final Verdict

The Opera Shake and Win contest brought exciting gifts for the users. After the lunch of the contest, Opera downloads have been raised by tremendous numbers. People are excited to play and give exciting gifts in the shake-and-win contest. 

Do you want to get a Samsung Mobile as an award in the shake-and-win contest? Comment below.

Opera Shakewin com: FAQs

Q1 What is the size of the Opera browser on Android devices?

On an Android device, you can download Opera for 46 MB.

Q2 Which application has the highest download between Opera Mini and the Opera browser

Opera Mini has the highest download with 500M+ downloads.

Q3 Can you play this contest on iOS devices?

You can play this contest on your devices in the selected region via the Opera browser.

Q4 What is the iOS rating of the Opera browser?

Opera browser has a 4.5 rating on the app store.

Q5 What is Opera Shake and Win Promo?

There is no dedicated promo code to redeem any award.

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