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Oompaville Jake Scam: Who Scammed Oompaville? Also Explore Details On Oompaville Net Worth, And Girlfriend

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Oompaville Jake Scam and learn how easily a scammer took $1,000,000+ from Oompaville.

Caleb Oompaville is a popular YouTuber from the United States with more than 4.49 million followers. Oompaville started his YouTube channel – @oompaville, on 20th/November/2010. He has 832 videos on his channel, which gained 661,252,212 views. His videos cover general topics, TikTik trends, vlogging, video chats, grownup content, Etc. One of his video had highest 15 million views.

But did you know that Oompaville was scammed? Let’s learn more facts about Oompaville Jake Scam.


About Oompaville Scam:

After entertaining us since 2010 as a YouTuber, Oompaville decided to diversify his earnings in 2019. Till 2019, primary source of income of Oompaville was YouTube payments. But, sighting feature, Oompaville decided to invest money to establish multiple sources of income. He still wanted to continue as a YouTuber.

However, Oompaville got scammed while he was launching a new startup. He estimated that he lost $1,000,000, assuming that Jack was helping him launch his business. To make people aware of how and Who Scammed Oompaville, Oompaville created a 00:34:52 minute video split into three parts, discussing how it all started. He also covered footages from 2021.

How it all started?

Oompaville was searching for a business idea that could yield good income. He read many books and took advice from his friends and family. Finally, Oompaville decided that he would start manufacturing candies. In 2019, he approached his family as he felt their support was needed. His mother – Lois Plrelps, and father, Jesse Plrelps, agreed to provide support. Shyane Cook is Oompaville’s Girlfriend. Similarly, Clint Plrelps, Oompaville’s cousin and Forrest, his friend, joined him in business.

Lois Plrelps became a General Manager, Forrest became CEO, and Clint took a technical role. Though team was excited, they had challenges in starting business. Oompaville and his friends decided to taste candies available in market and chose one candy which tasted best. Soon, they decided on the flavour they wanted to manufacture and named their startup SourBoys LLC.

Oompaville decided to outsource manufacturing process. SourBoys will get candies to their warehouse, then pack and ship them, which did not involved Oompaville Jake Scam. But, no American company was ready to work for SourBoys. Finally, a German company agreed, and SourBoys team’s efforts were successful. Oompaville shared video of first consignment packed and ready to be shipped in red plastic boxes!

Things were going well. Therefore, Oompaville decided it was time to start manufacturing more flavours and start manufacturing process in-house. Oompaville searched for a suitable property with good space to accommodate manufacturing machines. He rented a property in Taxes in 2021. Clint, Lois, Jesse, and Forrest moved from Georgia to Taxes, where warehouse was located.

Net Worth of Oompaville:

Oompaville has a net worth of $3.26 million. However, he required finance to bear cost of manufacturing machines and payroll. He decided to take a loan. He met Jake, who was an Industrial Automation engineer. Soon, Oompaville opted for his help assembling a manufacturing machine with help of Jake. Jake is also known as Zelderon. Oompaville came to know rough estimate of buying manufacturing machine to be about 500K. It was a huge amount and a burden.

Oompaville thought that assembling the machine might cost cheaper, and Jack was best person as he was an engineer related to industrial field. Jack agreed to design and build a candy manufacturing machine. There are 30 Reddit posts related to Jack’s scam. Jack said process could take 10 to 35 weeks and cost about 500K. Oompaville was all prepared to wait nine months until machine got delivered. 

However, rent of warehouse and payroll bothered him. Oompaville was spending approximately 50K in payroll. He moved warehouse to city outskirts to lower the cost. Oompaville, then, did not have a house to live in. So, he started living in warehouse.

The delivery of the machine was taking time. Jake took an initial payment of $130K to order machine parts. Finally, manufacturing machine was ready in March 2022, which was climax of Oompaville Jake Scam. Oompaville had to get 20K pound machine from 1K miles away. Oompaville made arrangements and got machine to warehouse. But, the packing machine was yet to be picked up.

Things started getting delayed as Jack informed that parts of machine ordered were delivered lately and in separate consignments. However, Oompaville did not suspect fraud as a timeline of 35 weeks was given. In December 2022, Jack informed me that he was hospitalized due to pneumonia. Oompaville had no option but to wait until Jake recovered. 

Intentional delays to make Oompaville Jake Scam a success:

After approximately one month, Jack was discharged from hospital but was not cleared by doctors to work. The manufacturing machine had a few missing parts and required a technician to set it up. Therefore, Oompaville advised Jake to send another technician.

A new technician named Cole arrived. But, he did not know about the machine and took time to understand things and consulted Jack several times. Oompaville started getting stressed as more than one had passed, more than 80 flavours were made ready, and everything else was all set to go. 

Additional payments in Oompaville Jake Scam?

He requested Jack to visit the warehouse to set up the machine and offered to pay more. Jack said that he would charge 45K for one week, and for 2nd week, he would charge 35K. Oompaville agreed and paid him, who scammed Oompaville!

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Jake did not visit the site. When Oompaville said that Jake owned the responsibility as he had designed and assembled the machine. But Jack responded that he did not design or assemble the machine. The machine was imported from China for $143K. But, Oompaville had paid $700K+ to Jake. It was when Oompaville understood that he was scammed.

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Oompaville Jake Scam – Scam

Q1. How did Oompaville meet Jake?

Jake was a friend of Oompaville’s friends.

Q2. Did Jake meet Oompaville after getting discharged from the hospital?


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