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Ookidao Token {Feb 2022} How to Buy? Contract Address

The article aims to give you a clear vision of the protocols, methods, and primary data about Ookidao Token.

We already have discussed lots of cryptocurrencies. But do you have any idea about Okidao? Hope you heard the name of this cryptocurrency. But maybe you still have no information about the crucial figure of this virtual currency.  

The token is getting space and is popular in Australia. Even the crypto experts are also paying attention to Ookidao. 

So, we decided to educate on this matter. Get ready to gain all the primary, essential features and qualifications about Ookidao Token. Our discussion can help to understand the basic protocols about this virtual currency. 

Gain Knowledge about the Token

The First thing is first. We need to know about this digital currency and try to understand it? It is also called “Ooki”. 

What are the protocols and methods the coin used to follow? As per the research, we understand the token is introduced to help the liquidity market. 

It also maintains the network policy. And also associate with the buyers and investors of this token. 

A vivid community is the primary source of Ookidao. So, it has significant members in the market. 

Know the Introducer(s) of Ookidao Token

As per research and information, the token was initiated in 2021. The protocol of the Ooki depends on the “DeFi” methods. 

The token uses decentralized approaches and helps investors in transactions and investment. 

It is also true we don’t find any name as a founder of the Ookidao. But the token has a vast members and investors base. 

Ookidao is also powered by “Polygon”, “Ethereum”, and “Binance Smart Chain”. So, you can understand the power of the token. 

As per coin’s protocols, it wants to offer independence in the financial sector for the investors and partners. 

The Financial Statement of Ookidao Token

  • We need to understand about Ookidao. So we need to search out its financial data in the following section. 
  • Maximum Supply Ratio- 10,300,000,000 OOKI
  • Circulation- 2,964,184,602 OOKI
  • Supply in total- 3,575,916,091 OOKI
  • USD Price- $0.0239
  • 24 Hours High/Low- $0.02478/ $0.0131
  • Range of Price Change- $0.01074
  • Highest Rate- $0.06397
  • Lowest Rate- $0.009343
  • Return of Investment – No Information
  • Dominance- No Data
  • Coin’s Volume- 4 
  • Cap Ratio- $69,798,986.40
  • Decreasing Ratio- $242,538,726.98
  • Trading Ratio- $278,879,206.21
  • Position in the Market- 454

Why Investors are giving priority Token

Now the question is why investors want to buy Ookidao TokenHere is the answer. 

  1. The coin holds a good market ratio. 
  2. It has a phenomenal position in quick time. 
  3. Ookidao is the partner of Binance Smart Chain. 
  4. It follows decentralized protocols. 
  5. Offers transaction facilities to the partners. 
  6. The community members have a voting system to decide the protocols. 

Buying Protocol

Now we should understand the buying process of Ookidao. Read the following, and you can understand the process. 

  1. If you want to buy the token, there are many platforms. You need to register with those exchanges to start the buying process. 
  2. You can buy Ookidao Token from the platforms like- “Mexc”, “Tokocrypto” and “Gate.io”.
  3. Investors can also buy the coin from “BNB” on a limited basis. 


  1. The Reason for the Ooki News in the Media? 

On 24 December 2021, the token is available on the Binance Smart Chain. Due to this reason, it comes into the news. 

  1. What is the Contract Address? 

The contract address is- 0x0De05F6447ab4D22c8827449EE4bA2D5C288379B.

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Hope you can understand the token in detail. We try to search for every possible information about Ookidao. 

But before summarizing the discussion, we need to inform you that each cryptocurrency has its own positive and negative protocols. Ookidao Token follows similar features. 

So, check all the protocols and methods before investing in this cryptocurrency. 

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Take time to visit the official Ookaido’s website for more data validation.  

What is your investment experience in cryptocurrency? Share the view. 

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