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Only up Crypto {Oct 2021} How to Buy? Chart, Price

Please read this article to know about the Only up Crypto, its price, how to buy, and other details.

Are you looking for crypto investments?  Are you interested to know about new crypto trends? Do you consider yourself lucky in trading with high investment?? If you want to know about cryptocurrency, then read the article to learn more.

Only up crypto has become a trending token in the crypto market. The present token is available in the countries of the United States and India. With the growing new crypto trend, people have been wondering about the market price and the complete details of the same.

What is the New Growing Token?

The growing token is named Only Up. This token has a unique mechanism that balances the sales of the tokens by inserting a new approach by introducing the buyback code automatically in an intelligent agreement. Moreover, 5% buyback taxation is collected on every transfer by Only up Crypto.  

The growing crypto provides frictionless image rewards to the holders of the token. It has become an essential and trending token as it sends the amount to the holder’s wallet. The amount is exchanged before getting transferred into the holder’s wallet, which can be used for marketing purposes. The Blockchain where it gets changed is known as BNB. This Blockchain is widely accepted on the market spend. Hence, without adding any additional pressure on the holders’ token if carried on successfully for marketing purposes.

Its mechanism 

The current growing token revolves around three mechanisms on each transaction. The mechanism works on the transaction fee for Only up Crypto. First, a 1% of the transaction fee, a frictionless reward, goes directly to the holder’s wallet. Second, 4% of the transaction fee is swapped into the Blockchain and added into the marketing wallet used for marketing purposes. Last but not least, 5% of the transaction fee is used as a token to buybacks triggered by the sales.

Price Details of the Token 

The price details of the current token are of primary needs that want the buyer’s attention before considering any crypto. The only up price of the existing ticket is $0.000009718. Research further states the 24 hr Low, and 24 hr High price is $0.00000396 and $ 0.000001031 respectively.

The market price of Only up Crypto

The trading volume of 24 hr is $955,136.12. The price of the current cryptocurrency has changed to $0.000005828.  However, no data is available concerning the Market cap and Market Dominance. The Market Rank is 3021. There is no data available concerning Fully Diluted Market Cap. 

How to buy this cryptocurrency?

The steps include in buying the currency are:

  • Firstly, every individual interested in purchasing this growing token needs to open a Binance Account and buy some famous coins to add to your Binance Wallet.
  • Secondly, visit the PancakeSwap website, where you can buy the current currency. 
  • Third, visiting the website, you need to download the Trust Wallet to store your purchase.
  • Finally, exchange the previously bought currency for Only up Crypto.


Q1. Is there any Official site for the token?

A1. (https://onlyuptoken.com/) is the official site.

Q2. What is the contact address of the token?

A2. 0x8b877ca644627989507351c9587d5fdb55800692 is the contact address for the token.

Q3. What is the social media presence of the token?

A3. We did not find any social media presence as of now.


Therefore, as our final verdict, the cryptocurrency is yet another BNC enlisted token and has recently got a huge surge. But, it is a recent hype of enlistment and is very fluctuating. You can also check How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency 2021 for a complete guide. You can know more about this Token.  

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