Top 5 Online Courses for High Paying Jobs

Top 5 Online Courses for High Paying Jobs in 2022

Online Courses for High Paying Jobs: The job market is growing at a fast pace, irrespective of the industry. Hence, getting a good job and career growth requires not only adequate knowledge but also certain certifications to validate your skill set. Be it experienced professionals or beginners, opting for online courses is now a much needed part of anyone’s successful career trajectory. However, enrolling for just any online course will not suffice. Enrolling in the right online course is essential. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 online courses for high paying jobs in 2022 and beyond. 

Top 5 Online Courses To Enroll In

Choosing the right online course depends on a number of factors. For example, in the current market, fields such as cloud, digital marketing, DevOps, etc., are going through a boom. There are many good roles in such domains with lucrative salaries. Let us take a look at some of these online courses that have the potential to fetch you decent salaries. 

Programming Courses

The IT industry is going through a phase of massive digital transformation, and there is a high demand for skilled programmers who have the ability to take on challenging projects. This gap between job requirements and shortage of skilled programmers has led to lucrative salary offers for those who are skilled in programming. Some of the top courses in this category are given below: 

1- Java Programming

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languagesbe it in data science, machine learning, front-end and back-end development, etc. Most of the available online Java courses aim at helping learners develop a practical approach in writing complex codes and scripts through real-life assignments. The usual duration of an online Java program is 45 weeks. 

2- Python Fundamentals

An aspiring data scientist must have a certification in Python for Data science. Python is currently the most preferred programming language. Having knowledge in Python also goes a long way in helping you to get a machine learning certification. Anyone with a moderate-level of knowledge in mathematics and computer science can master Python. The average duration of most online Python courses is 45 weeks. 

Web Development Courses

In the last few years, the web development industry has witnessed an increase in hirings for skilled web developers. HTML and CSS have already become a mandatory part of the resumes of candidates. Recruiters in the domain are looking for highly skilled professionals with advanced knowledge in HTML and CSS, instead of just a fundamental know-how. Aspirants or even working professionals can consider opting for the below-mentioned online courses to get high paying roles in the web development industry:

1- Advanced Program in HTML and CSS

Going for an advanced program will not only help you master the fundamentals of HTML and CSS but also the complex structure of web pages. Such programs will help you learn to apply syntax and, using HTML and CSS, write scripts for easing front-end and back-end development.

2- Introduction to JavaScript

Let us not forget that JavaScript plays an important role in collaboration and communication between front-end development and back-end development. It is a highly in-demand skill that recruiters will love to see in your resume, be it for the role of a front-end developer or back-end developer. 

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

A majority of companies are switching to cloud. The IT sector offers multiple high paying roles and the role of a cloud architect is one of them. It is a high paying job irrespective of your company or location. All it takes is a good amount of knowledge and certifications to validate your expertise. Candidates need to clear the Google Certified ProfessionalCloud Architect exam to pass this certification and get into a high paying role. 

Why Must One Opt For This Certification?

  • Huge shortage of qualified and skilled cloud architects in the industry 
  • Increasing investment in cloud computing services has opened a plethora of opportunities for cloud architects 
  • Possessing essential knowledge in the cloud computing domain is a must in a company that has moved or is moving to the cloud

Cyber Security Courses

Due to the increase in the rate of cyber security attacks, companies have felt the need for protecting intellectual and confidential data. This has led to an increase in the demand for cyber security professionals. This domain has multiple certifications based on the subdomains that the candidates wish to enter. Cyber security certifications are available in multiple formats and topics. These range from information security and intrusion to ethical hacking. Major independent accrediting bodies, such as EC-Council and GIAC, are the common administrators of these certification exams. The following certifications are the top certifications in cyber security:

  • CEH
  • CISA
  • CISM
  • CompTIA Security+
  • GSEC
  • SSCP
  • OSCP
  • CCSP
  • CAP

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is being called the fastest developing field in the job market. As companies are exploring more and more techniques in digital marketing, the need for qualified digital marketers has skyrocketed. Even though colleges and reputed institutions are launching digital marketing degrees, yet the most quality content is available on online courses. Some of the in-depth training providers in digital marketing, such as Intellipaat, offer practical training in techniques like pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, etc. Candidates have the option to either go for an all-in-one program or opt for individual courses. One of the highly recommended certificate courses in digital marketing for beginners is the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification Program.

This domain is evolving with every digital advancement; therefore, frequently upgrading yourself through certifications is the best way to stay relevant and earn handsomely. 


Nowadays, getting a good job and a role is based equally on degrees and skills. Skills can be mastered only through practical learning. Certifications are the way to help you get all the required skills and practical training. Having a certification validates your skill set and that helps in getting high paying jobs. 

The above-mentioned certifications will help you develop both technical as well as soft skills in your preferred domain. No degree or certificate can guarantee a high paying job as there are various external factors at play, but it is true that, in any given situation, the right certifications at the right time can go a long way in boosting your career growth.

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