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Omikron Crypto (Nov 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Are you noticing the Omikron Crypto name in your surroundings? Then learn why it is so trending in the below post.

On Friday, WHO named a new variant of COVID-19 as OMICRON; from then, people were tense; however, scientists said the detailed study is still going on, and its severity is still unknown. This name Omicron has drastically affected one of the crypto prices and found huge searchability in Netherlands and Germany. To learn the complete story, read the post until the end.

The actual name of the coin is Omicron. However, people also search it with the keyword Omikron Crypto

About The Omicron Crypto

Omicron is present on the Arbitrum network; it is a decentralized currency traded with OMIC’s ticker. Assets like USDC back OMIC coin, and OMIC-MIM LP in the treasury, gives it a built-in value. Through bonding and staking, OMIC introduces rare gaming dynamics and economic into the market. You can visit its official site for more information.

Founders’ Information of Omicron Crypto

OMIC is a branch of Olympus available on the Arbitrum Network1. It is built from a Decentralized community with anonymous team details, and its primary aim is to actively work towards becoming a Decentralized Organization.

Omikron Crypto Coin Current Price

The live Omicron price is $409.63 with a trading volume of $5,35,892 for 24 hours. OMIC to USD rate is updated in real-time. In the past 24 hours, Omicron has been down by 34.49%.

Omicron Coin Supply / Market Supply

All the below data is taken from a genuine crypto data market analysis site;

  • Market Cap: No Data
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $379,915,611
  • Market Rank: #3534
  • Circulating Supply: No Data
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000
  • Total Supply: 2,430
  • Trading Volume: $535,891.86
  • Price Change: $-212.84
  • 24 hour high/24 hour low: $152.33 / $641.75
  • 7 days high/7 days low: $64.84 / $641.75
  • All-time high: $692.11 (Nov 29, 2021)
  • All time low: $47.89 (Nov 19, 2021)
  • Contract address of Omikron Crypto: 0x86b3353387F560295a8Fa7902679735E5f076Bd5

The Latest News of OMIC Token

  • Omicron’s website describes itself as a treasury-backed decentralized protocol. Last Thursday its price was $65.
  • ON FRIDAY, the WHO named Covid-19 a new variant as OMICRON; due to more countries worldwide reporting new cases, OMIC price surges to 900%.
  • Currently, that is today, on Tuesday morning, the token price dropped again by -56.46%. Since it is a new coin, drastically reduced price may be due to a new variant of Covid-19.

How to Buy Omicron?

Follow the simple yet effective step by step procedure to buy Omikron Crypto;

  • First register on Coinbase, if you are a new user create an account.
  • Purchase BTC with fiat currency on Coinbase.
  • Transfer it to Pancakeswap and convert BTC to OMIC token.
  • Since it is a new coin, only this much information is obtained. Meanwhile, let us move to our next segment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Omicron Token?

A1. The official website of https://omic.finance/.

Q2. How do I take part in OMIC?

A2. There are two great strategies to participate in OMIC by Bonding and staking.

Q3. Is Omikron Crypto listed on Coinmarketcap?

A3. Yes, it is present on coinmarketcap.  

The Final Verdict

Since it is a new coin, it falls under the high-risk category. Instead of catching the running train, we suggest you analyze the token carefully and then only go for it. Strictly don’t fall for what is trending now!

The major drawbacks of the new coin are drastic price change, common crypto scams, and less popularity, so beware.

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