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Omaxe Crypto {Nov} Price, Chart, Prediction, How To Buy?

Want to get the details of Omaxe Crypto? Then, read the article, and know whether the stocks of Omaxe will offer you good returns or not.

Are you interested in investing your money in the share market? Do you want to know how Omaxe is affecting the share market Worldwide? Then you are at the right platform by sharing today’s article; we will highlight all the details of Omaxe with you.

The decline in the COVID cases and a pickup in the vaccination pace have impacted economic activity. As a result, the economic earning turned out to be much better than expected. Moreover, it has also helped to improve the market sentiments. It is why people are looking forward to investing in Omaxe Crypto.

What is Omaxe?

He is a private real estate developer. The company evolved into this sector in 2001 and launched many group housing projects. Presently, it has diversified its asset classes which include commercial, township and residential areas.

The company always remains in the headlines due to its continuous fluctuation in the share price. Last year, the company correlated the stock price’s variation with the pandemic. However, the team had put efforts to manage the projects during the crises too.

So, is there any assurance that Omaxe Crypto will prove to be a good investment? Well, we need to explore more details of its share price to answer this question.

Founders of the Omaxe

The foundation Omaxe was laid by Rohtas Goel. He has a leading name in the real estate industry. The CEO of the company is Mohit Goel. He had brought many structural changes into the company when the real estate sector was not much popular.

The core team of Omaxe consists of businessmen that work together to enhance the business operations. If you are interested in knowing more details about them, we recommend you check its official website.

Omaxe Crypto – Price Chart

  • Open – 80 INR
  • Beta -0.51
  • Value in lacs – 33.56
  • Previous close – 78.85 INR
  • Highest price – 80.20 INR
  • Lowest price – 78.20 INR
  • Face value -10
  • 20d average value – 169528
  • 52w high/ 52w low – 98.60/ 60.00
  • Book value per share – 65.43
  • Market cap value – 1,438 Crores
  • NSE symbol – OMAXE
  • Dividend yield – unavailable

Live price of Omaxe

The current price of Omaxe is 78.75 INR with a trading volume of 42,917. So today, the value of this share will lie between 78.20 INR to 80.20 INR. Moreover, the sector PE value of Omaxe Crypto is 41.32.

Price Prediction of Omaxe

According to the analysis done by the forecasting system, Omaxe limited will turn out to be a bad investment for investors in the future. Thus, it is not a stock with good returns.

It is not even sure that Omaxe will hit 100 INR till the end of 2021. So, investing your money in this stock is not beneficial in the long -term.

How to get Omaxe?

You can visit brokerage platforms available online to invest in Omaxe Crypto. But you need to keep certain points in mind while investing your money in stocks.

  • Determine the approach of investment.
  • Set the value that you will invest.
  • Open an account on an investing platform.
  • Make your stocks diversified.

These tips will help you to get Omaxe with ease. Moreover, before accessing the stock, we recommend you check the projects of Omaxe as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is the one year forecast of Omaxe?

15.173 INR

  •   What is the 50-day moving average value of Omaxe?



Ending up the article, we have shared all the details of Omaxe Crypto with you. However, since it is not a good investment for the future, you can check the list of the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long-Term.

What are your views about investing in Omaxe? Comment it down.

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