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Olivia Molly Rogers Husband: Who Is Her Partner, Know About Her Age, Wikipedia, And Instagram Post Details!

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Who is Olivia Molly Rogers? What does she do? Why is everyone eager to find out about her husband? People all over Australia and the United Kingdom are very eagerly looking for more and more information about Olivia and her husband. What is the reason behind their eagerness? You will get all the answers to your questions in this article, below. To know more about Olivia Molly Rogers Husband kindly read this article with your full attention till the very end.


Who is Olivia Molly Rogers

Olivia Molly is an influencer and former Miss Australia. She is an Australian model who is known for her beauty and magnificence. She has a fan following of 200k on her Instagram, and she is a verified artist on social media. Olivia is 30 years old, perhaps she was born in 1992.  She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Olivia has worked as a model and budding artist for many years. Besides this, she studied in Adelaide, and she aspired to be a speech pathologist. Later her interests started to change this is when she won Miss Australia in 2017.

Olivia Molly Rogers and her Partner

As per the recent news, she left her seven months partner. Her partner’s name is Justin Mckeown. This news has gone viral all over. The fans are very disappointed. Eight months after their wedding Olivia Molly and Justin Mckeone separated. This news was announced by Olivia herself on her Instagram stories. Where she mentioned, ” After 4.5 years together, Justin and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple.”  After this, the news went viral all over social media, especially Instagram. As soon as the couple separated, Olivia changed her name back to her maiden name.

Olivia Molly Rogers and her Wedding video 

Recently, Olivia was found sharing her wedding video on Instagram, where she removed her ex from the wedding video. She edited him from the video and claimed that she is very happy to remember that day in her way where she is grateful for her family, friends, and herself. This news has been viral all over Wikipedia and other social platforms.  Her wedding videos and pictures without her ex-partner are getting viral on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. The pictures include Rogers getting ready and walking down the aisle.

Did Olivia get mocked by her family members?

Did Olivia get mocked by her family members? Yes, you have heard that right. After she posted her wedding pictures on the internet without her husband she revealed that she was brutally mocked by her family member. She stated that ” I left my husband about three months ago and everyone’s been supportive but I had a family member say something to me”. She was very disappointed after her family member tried brutally mock her. 


Olivia and Justin dated for four years and got married after that. She married Justin at the Age of 29. The couple separated after 8 months of marriage which disappointed their family and their fans. To know more about them kindly click on this link 

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Olivia Molly Rogers Husband– FAQs

Q1. Who is Olivia Molly?

Olivia Molly is an American model and Miss Australia.

Q2. Who was her partner?

Justin Mckeown.

Q3. Are they still married?

No they are divorced.

Q4. How long were they together?

They were together for 4.5 years.

Q5. Why did they get separated?

The reason has not been revealed.

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