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Olivia Finestead Instagram: What Complain She Made Against Clevinger? Is This Update Trending On Reddit & TWITTER Platforms? Check Facts Here!

Olivia Finestead Instagram post revealed that MLB player Mike Clevinger is under investigation for domestic violence and child abuse.

Have you heard the name Olivia Finestead? Do you know what happened to her? 24-year-old Olivia Finestead filed a complaint against Mike Clevinger for domestic violence. The citizens of the United States, Canada, and other states still can’t believe that the baseball pitcher Mike Clevinger hit his daughter’s mother. 

Olivia shared the pictures of her bruises on her Instagram account. If you type Olivia Finestead Instagram, you will notice the images. 

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What did Olivia Finestead post on Instagram?

Olivia Finestead took the help of Instagram to reveal the disgusting face of Mike Clevinger. She shared all the pictures of her bruises and injuries on Instagram. She shared how Mike Clevinger tortured her and her ten-month-old daughter. 

Olivia also mentioned that Mike abused their 10-month-old daughter and snatched her birth certificate and other essential things. This news spread like wildfire on Reddit and other social media sites. 

What happened to Mike Clevinger after this complaint?

Mike Clevinger is now under investigation by the MLB (Major League Baseball). Mike has been accused of child abuse and domestic violence. As soon as the investigation is over, Mike will get punishment for his wrong deeds. 

What was the reaction of Mike Clevinger’s fans after hearing the news?

After this incident, Mike Clevinger lost many fans and followers. Many TWITTER users cursed Mike Clevinger for his behavior towards Olivia Finestead and his daughter. People become so offended after hearing the news. Go through our “Social Media Sites Links” part to check ordinary people’s reactions to this news. 

Is Olivia Finestead the first woman Mike Clevinger tortured?

According to Olivia Finestead, Mike Clevinger tortured a few women before. Olivia was in touch with one of the victim women. Olivia Finestead shared the screenshot of the messages from one of the victims. In those screenshots, Mike Clevinger threatened the woman. Olivia also mentioned that Mike Clevinger has children with the victim women. 

Who is Mike Clevinger? 

Mike Clevinger is a 32-year-old baseball pitcher for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball. Right now, he has been accused of child abuse and domestic violence. This news is now trending on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Let’s check out the wiki of Mike Clevinger.

Mike Clevinger’s Wiki:

Full Name  Michael Anthony Clevinger 
Nickname  Sunshine 
Date of Birth  21st December 1990
Age 2023 32 years
Birth Place  Jacksonville, Florida 
Profession  Baseball pitcher 
Nationality  American 
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 

Social Media Sites Links:

The Final Discussion:

The Chicago White Sox informed that they did not know about these allegations against Mike Clevinger. They also mentioned that if they were aware of this incident, they would never make a $12 million deal with him. 

Mike Clevinger is under investigation. Click on the link to watch the video. 

Have you watched Mike Clevinger’s game? Please comment. 

Olivia Finestead Instagram– FAQ Section:

Q.1 When did Olivia Finestead post about the violence on Instagram?

Ans. 24th January 2023.

Q.2 How many followers does Olivia have on Instagram?

Ans. 20.7k followers.

Q.3 What is the name of Mike Clevinger’s 10-month-old daughter?

Ans. Maeson.

Q.4 How many children does Mike Clevinger have?

Ans. Three daughters.

Q.5 What did Mike Clevinger do with his 10-month-old daughter?

Ans. Mike threw chewed tobacco at his daughter.

Q.6 Who is Mike Clevinger’s agent?

Ans. Seth Levinson.

Q.7 When were Mike Clevinger’s first two daughters born?

Ans. 2016 and 2017.

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