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Ohm Crypto Price {Oct} Contract Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a cryptocurrency, a stable token that provides more price and volatility stability than other stable tokens. Read on Ohm Crypto Price.

Are you someone looking for new cryptocurrencies to invest in for the long term? If so, you might have come across this token which has been highly discussed among the members of the crypto communities. Read this article till the end to get a complete insight into this topic.

Crypto investors and traders from the United States are analyzing the potential of this token to understand the profitability rate in future, this crypto can offer. Read more about Ohm Crypto Price.

About Olympus Token

The main objective of introducing this token is to maintain stability and price in the market, which is not possible with other stable coins available in the markets. The main issue relating to stability and price is being solved in a much more compatible way with the help of the Olympus token.

The OHM coin is backed by one DAI present in the treasury. The protocol is only given the right to mint or burn the coin, making it more stable. The protocol is responsive to the price movements.

Ohm Crypto Price

The coin price varies according to the market conditions and supply and demand present in the market. When the token value is below one, the protocol burns and buys back the OHM, and when the value of the token is above one, the protocol sells and mints a new OHM. This process is crucial in maintaining the stability of the coin.

This process guarantees stability in the intrinsic value of the token. The supply and demand of the token also play a crucial role in maintaining the value.

Market capitalization

  • Current Ohm Crypto Price: $1,126.98
  • Contract address: 0x383518188c0c6d7730d91b2c03a03c837814a899
  • 24h Low: $952.18
  • 24h High: $1,126.98
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $1,595,841,332.91
  • Trading volume: $109,538,344.63
  • Market Rank: 2735
  • Market Cap: $1,874,250,212.27
  • Total Supply:1,416,029 OHM

Founders and Team

The team, Founders and investors are not provided on their official social media handles and website. Any official update will be added to the upcoming article on the same topic.

How to Buy?

  • The two main methods to buy OHM include the Bogged Swap Method and the Pancake Swap method.
  • The investors can purchase accordingly.
  • The user needs to install Trust wallet or MetaMask as it is important to have a wallet for the transactions. Read about Ohm Crypto Price.
  • The second step involves the purchase of BNB into the wallet.
  • Proceed with the “buy now” option and select the “connect wallet” option.
  • Select the number of BNB required and keep a slippage between 8% to 10%.
  • Confirm the buying.
  • Another main method is the Pancake Swap method. This method also needs trusted wallets.
  • Then BNB needs to be added to the wallet, and buy OHM using BNB.


Q1: Are there any official social media handles for Olympus Token?

A1: Yes, OHM token has official Instagram, Twitter and Telegram accounts. All the Ohm Crypto Price updates are posted regularly to provide the investors with more valuable insights.

Q2: What is the supply distribution of OHM?

A2: The supply distribution is mostly distributed among the community. 88.2% of the supply is distributed back to the community itself. The team receives a 7.8% supply; The investors are given a 3% of the supply, and the final 1% goes to the advisers.


Stable coins help the investors to have steady volatility in the price movements compared to other highly volatile tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc. To know more about this topic, please visit the link 

Have you invested in any stable coins similar to Ohm Crypto Price? If so, please post your comments based on your valuable experience.

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