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[Watch Video] Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter: Taksici Video On Facebook!

The article will provide details on Oguz Erge Video Leaked on Twitter and the availability of Taksici footage on Facebook.

Have you heard of the recent incident where a taxi driver was shot dead? The incident has shocked the people of Turkiye and Germany, and they are eager to know about the killing that took the life of the taxi driver. 

In this article, we will talk about Oguz Erge Video Leaked on Twitter and give more details on the entire incident. Stay tuned to the article to know more. 

Details of Oguz Erge Video Leaked on Twitter

Oguz Erge, a 44-year-old taxi driver, was shot dead by a 19-year-old boy when he was given a lift from the driver. The incident happened in Turkey, and the young man asked the driver about the cost of the road. Before Oguz could utter a word, he pulled out his gun and shot him three times.

People were searching for the Taksici OğUz Erge Video online to find out whether the shooting video was captured in the car’s CCTV. The video shows the young boy pretending to ask for money and sarcastically saying the cost of the trip himself. 

Taksici OğUz Erge Video

The injured taxi driver was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The officials then got to know about the incident, and they reached the spot to find out more about the young boy. Several security cameras were put up in the locality, and then they were able to find the young man.

The OğUz Erge Facebook clip gathered much attention from people since some of the video clips were uploaded online. The footage shows the driver talking to the young boy while he was masked, and he suddenly pulled out the pistol, shot him, and searched for money.

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OğUz Erge Facebook Footage

The video shows the 44-year-old man asking the young boy about why he was wearing the mask, to which the young boy replied that he was sick. The driver further said that no one would give him a lift if he wore a mask as that posed a severe threat. But as it was cold, he gave him a lift. 

The Taksici OğUz Erge Video shocked people who came across the entire footage of the brutal killing. It clearly shows that the young boy was a thief, and his only motive was to steal money and other belongings and run away. 

Is the viral footage available online?

The OğUz Erge Facebook footage is available on Twitter and other platforms, but we cannot post such links due to sensitive content. The entire incident is captured on CCTV, and we can see that after the incident, many passersby stopped by the car and came to help the driver. They took him to the hospital, but they could not save him, and after fighting for three hours, he died. 

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The Oguz Erge Video Leaked on Twitter has become a topic of discussion among people, and they are devastated to find the video circulating online. No one knows about the real reason behind the killing. Those who are interested in knowing about the incident can read about it on online websites.

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Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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